Jane Kønig pendants

Nice! You have ended up on A-Hjort's page, where we have gathered Jane Kønig's pendants, which fits on their many beautiful necklaces, and which can be combined in infinitely many combinations.
See all the edgy, classic and beautiful pendants below - surely, there is something that suits you or a loved one, who deserves a gift. Jane Kønig is known for detailed, different and raw jewelry.
The beautiful pendants can be used for necklaces and bracelets. You can find all the pendants below.

Jane Kønig

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Pendant from Jane Kønig

Here at A-Hjort, we sell the beautiful pendants from Jane Kønig, and have made sure to select the most beautiful pendants. Jane Kønig makes both feminine, raw, elegant, modern and timeless pendants, which is obvious for mixing and matching - either in several necklaces and bracelets, or several pendants in a single chain.

If you have found a pendant or second piece of jewelry from Jane Kønig as you want to buy at A-Hjort, you are more than welcome to contact our five-star customer service, then they help you well on the way.

Mix and Match Jane Kønig pendants with bracelet and necklaces

Pendants from Jane Kønig makes it easy to change expressions from day to day. You can make your bracelets or your necklaces more raw, edgy, feminine, significant or personal simply by changing the pendant where you can put a reflection letter with your own or your loved ones letter on, a playful question mark in the form of Row Pearl What Pendant, Souvenir Heart, Half Moon Pendant or something entirely different on. You can create your own unique style by making your own combinations. For example, you can use both large and small pendants in the same chain or bracelet, and you can also combine the pendants with jewelry from our other brands, so you get exactly the jewelry you want. Combine your unique jewelry with necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants - only your imagination that sets the limits.

Pendants from Jane Kønig is available in 925 sterling silver and gold plated 925 sterling silver, gilded with 18 carat gold.

The gift that last for years on end

If you are giving the pendants as a gift, such as for a confirmation or 18th birthday gift, it is a gift that is timeless and classic, while still fitting in the already existing trends. Therefore, Jane Kønig jewelry is an obvious gift idea that will undoubtedly spark joy for many years to come. The pendants can be combined with jewelry you already own or with new jewelry, and you can express your very own style.

We are more than happy to wrap your jewelry beautifully, and we ship your jewelry as soon as possible - both of which is free, of course.