Gifts and exchange

You can always buy your gifts at A-Hjort. Whether the jewelery is bought on offer or not, we do a lot to ensure that it can be given as a gift and can still be exchanged or returned if desired.

We wrap in the jewelry
At A-Hjort, we are happy to pack the jewelry for you - free of charge.
Simply press "Yes, thank you, I want gift wrapping" at check-out and we will wrap the jewelry nicely in the original jewelry boxes and then in the gift bag. 

Barter mark
When you choose gift wrapping, we automatically put a change mark on the jewelery boxes before wrapping.
In this way, it is easy for the recipient to return the jewelry and does not have to bother with order number, invoice, or the like by contacting A-Hjort afterwards.

However, a trade mark is not a necessity. At A-Hjort, we can easily exchange it, if you have the right order number or just the name of the person who has ordered the gift from us.
We are always very helpful and always find a solution for exchange or return.

Have a personal greeting attached
Remember that at A-Hjort you can also get a small personal greeting attached to the gift.

Simply mark "Yes, thank you, I would like to write a personal card" at check-out and write your greeting, then we will print out your text and put it on a nice and simple card from A-Hjort.

Your greeting must contain a maximum of 300 characters.