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The uniqueness of Enamel Copenhagen

ENAMEL Copenhagen is an unique, Danish jewelery brand, where you can find the finest and most unique enamels on almost all Enamel Copanhagen jewelery. Designer, Marie Rantzau, always gets inspired by colored enamels matched with jewelry that both follows today's trends and gets their very own character and a unique look.

It takes many years of experience to achieve a perfect finish on the Enamel Copenhagen jewelery, which is produced in east Asia in smaller workshops, selected by Marie herself. For several years, Marie has built up a friendly and extremely professional collaboration with the workshops, where every single piece of jewelery is handmade. The enamel process is extensive, demanding and a unique craft. But enamel is also a fun and exciting material to work with.

The road is not easy - but with passion, will and faith, all processes are helped on the way into creating a universe in ENAMEL Copenhagen that I am proud of.

- jewelry designer Marie Rantzau

Enamel Copenhagen's jewelery collection

ENAMEL Copenhagen is one of Scandinavia's best-selling jewelery brands, and enamel stands for unique and simple jewelery series, where the touch of enamel is always to be found. ENAMEL Copenhagen is for example known for its basic collection of colorful modern enamel pendants, where you will find countless of combination options. Enamel Copanhagen jewelry can be defined as a world of shapes, colors and creativity.

Marie Rantzau's ideas behind ENAMEL Copenhagen are new interpretations of classic jewelery, which often become a favorite piece of jewelery. ENAMEL Copenhagen is a jewelery series in a simple design with a strong expression, and at affordable prices - without compromising on quality. Color choices and shapes are carefully composed, and always follow the colors of fashion, with a solid basic collection. This makes this jewelry series completely unique and timeless, but is also a jewelry series that lives in the present! Marie Rantzau says that she is constantly in an "inspiration mode", where she interprets the world we all live in and visualizes it through the Enamel Copenhagen Jewelry.

At A-Hjort, we sell Enamel Copenhagen jewelry online with fast and free delivery. You can therefore easily buy Enamel Copenhagen jewelery here and have it delivered within 1-5 working days. We are an online store with the entire Enamel selecetion of popular earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants from Enamel Copenhagen Spring / Summer, Enamel Copenhagen High Summer, Enamel Copenhagen Autumn / Winter, Enamel Copenhagen Christmas.

Enamel Copenhagen materials and colors

Enamel Copenhagen's jewelery is made of sterling silver 925 and can also be gilded with 18 carat gold. The jewelery complies with the Danish legal requirements for the release of nickel, cadmium, lead and mercury. Enamel Copenhagen is a registered dealer and importer of jewelery parts in precious metals. In accordance with Danish law, she is therefore checked by the precious metals control, which ensures that the goods are genuine.

Enamel Copenhagen jewelery is available in the following materials:

  • Silver -sterling silver 925 with a natural, untreated surface
  • Gold-plated sterling silver 925 gold-plated with 18 carat gold.
  • In addition, Enamel Copenhagen uses beautiful colorful enamels in many of their designs.

Mix and match with Enamel Copenhagen

Enamel Copenhagen's jewelery is absolutely fantastic to mix with. The colorful details and cute designs provide the best opportunities to pair with our other brands. We especially recommend matching Enamel Copenhagen jewelry with Pernille Corydon, Jane Kønig, Maanesten, STINE A Jewelry or A-Hjort's own brand, as you can combine the beautiful colors from Enamel Copenhagen with simple and classically designed jewelry. Our favorite mix and match is the Lola collection with small colored enamels which are nicely combined with other gold-plated or silver jewelery. Try it for yourself - the possibilities are endless!

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