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The story of Carré is filled with great visions and love for beautiful gems, but it is also a story of a constant effort to make dreams come true. It all started in 1991, when Danish / Israeli Shiri Haugbøl started what is today known as Carré Jewelery. Carré jewelry is characterized by their great passion for and love of antique jewelry techniques, curiosities, strong personalities and not least the gemstones with their unique appearance and beautiful colors.

Carré collection

Carré is the classic term for a square-cut gemstones. It symbolizes the prominent role of the gemstone in all of Carré's designs. 

A-Hjort love the beautiful gemstones from Carré and we are especially in love with the Blue Topaz, Sand Moonstone, Rose Quartz and the green Aventurine stone.

We also have the pretty and raw Shield collection, which compliment the pretty gemstones very well. 

Carré materials and colours

Carré jewellery is made of sterling sølv 925. Furthermore they also use 23 carat gold plated and oxidized silver. All the materials conform to rigorous Danish standards and are frequently tested. Carré jewellery is a member of the Danish Presious Metal Authority. 

Carrés jewellery is available in the following materials:

  • Silver -sterling silver 925
  • Gold plated -sterling silver 925 gold plated with 23 carat gold
  • Oxidized -sterling silver 925 oxidized to give an attractive, dark and rustic surface

In addition, Carré is also using gemstone in many of their designs. 

Mix and match with Carré

The Carré selection, that we have personally choosen for A-Hjort, can easily and beautifully be mixed with each other.