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We love unique designs and here it must be said that Carré is clearly one of the leaders. Carré jewelry is created with love for beautiful gemstones. Carré describes gemstones as the wonder of nature - and we at A-Hjort think you should have the posibillity to feel that!

Gemstones are the wonders of nature

"Nature is the world's best designer". It is a quote that we absolutely love here at A-Hjort. We love natural stones - as each stone has unique characteristics and can tell its own story. Carré has managed to create an universe of jewelry where the beautiful forces of nature can be felt when worn. We love it!
Carré Jewelery is characterized by their great passion for and love of antique jewelry techniques, curiosities, strong personalities and not least the gemstones with their unique appearance and beautiful colors.

The story of Carré

The story of Carré is full of great visions and love for beautiful gems, but it is also a story of a great effort to make dreams come true. It all started in 1991, when Danish / Israeli Shiri Rosenzweig established the company, which is today known as Carré Jewelery. Carré has since opened their first jewelry store in the middle of the Danish capital Copenhagen. Since then, Carré has become a recognized name on the Danish fashion scene when it comes to jewelry. Since its launch in 1991, Carré has used more than 900 different gemstones on the jewelery produced. Carré wants to share the experience by owning beautiful jewelry in precious metals composed of the most beautiful gemstones in different colors.

Carrés collection

Carré is the classic term for a stone with square grinding. It symbolizes the prominent role of gemstones in all of Carré's unique designs. At A-Hjort we also love the beautiful gemstones from Carré and we especially love the blue Topas, the green Aventurine, the sand Moonstone and the beautiful pink Quartz. At A-Hjort, we have hand-picked all the best from Carré's universe, so you can choose your favorite piece of jewelery from the best-selling. Find your next Carré earrings, Carré necklaces, Carré Bracelets or Carré Rings online here at A-Hjort.

Carrés materials and colors

We are an online retailer of Carré jewelry, where they use sterling silver 925. In addition, A-Hjort also has Carre's jewelry in 23 carat gold plating and oxidation. All materials naturally comply with the strict Danish requirements and are continuously tested to ensure that the quality is as it should be. Carré is a member of the Ædelmetalkontrollen I Danmark..

At A-Hjort, we have also selected some completely unique jewelry that appear in real gold with 10, 15 and 18 carat gold, respectively. The gold is combined with real precious stones from nature, which Carré has combined to create the most delicious expression. An expression that is completely unique. You have to try their design to feel it on your own. Carré's jewelery is jewelery that can last forever and which is both exclusive, classic, timeless and feminine.

Carré's jewelery is available in the following materials at A-Hjort:

  • Silver -sterling silver 925
  • Gold-plated sterling silver 925 gold-plated with 23 carat gold
  • Gold - real gold in 10, 15 or 18 carats

Notice that; Carré only uses GENUINE gemstones in all their jewelry designs!

Mix and match with Carré

The Carré jewelery, which we have chosen to sell here at A-Hjort, can be beautifully combined and mixed in the cutest ways. Carré jewelry with gemstones speaks for itself. The best matches with Carré jewelry will therefore be simple and timeless styles to complement the Carré jewelry. Our assessment is clear that other jewelery must be styled so that the Carré jewelery becomes the center, as the charisma and design are so extravagant. A-Hjort's own collection will therefore be a perfect match for your new jewelery mix with Carré. Alternatively, simple and neutral styles from Jane Kønig, STINE A Jewelry, Pernille Corydon, Izabel Camille, Maanesten or Pico will also be a great mix and match.

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