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Danish design with elegance, Nordic simplicity and high quality. Izabel Camille Jewellery was founded in 2008 by Ann Ulrich and Kamille Vibekke Østergaard. Kamille draws all her designs in her little sketchbook, which she brings with her everywhere. She has, among other things, drawn their totally amazing bestseller Everyday earrings, which in the years after - and still are - Izabel Camille's absolutely iconic and unique signature piece. Izabel Camille are fashionable fashion jewellery with a touch of romance, feminism and nature. They use lots of real gemstones in their designs like different colored quartz, chalcedony, moonstone, onyx and more. Characterized by Izabel Camille is also that you have the opportunity to create your very own unique jewellery looks by mixing one or more of their necklaces and earrings with the many different beautiful pendants. When you buy jewellery from Izabel Camille you get a timeless and beautiful Danish design, which you can enjoy many years to come.

Izabel Camille collection

The designer behind Izabel Camille, Kamille Vibekke Østergaard creates her designs based on 3 main features: Glam, romantic or minimalist.
From here she extends twice a year a new collection; Spring / Summer collection and Autumn / Winter collection.

At A-Hjort we always have ALL Izabel Camille's jewellery - and we are always first with the latest styles!

Izabel Camille materials and colours

Izabel Camilles jewellery are made of sterling silver 925. The jewellery comply with Danish regulations concerning the amount of nickel, cadmium, lead and mercury they may give off. Izabel Camille is a registered dealer and importer of jewellery parts in precious metals. Therefore, as mandated by Danish law, her work is monitored by the precious metal authority to ensure that her jewellery are genuine.

Izabel Camilles jewellery is available in the following materials:

  • Silver – sterling silver 925 with a natural untreated surface
  • Gold plated – sterling silver 925, gold plated with 18 carat gold
  • Oxidized – sterling silver 925 oxidized to give an attractive, dark and rustic surface
  • Rose gold plated – sterling silver 925 with a fine layer of gold mixed with copper
  • Rhodanized silver – sterling silver 925 which has been lacquered to give it a darker black/grey surface

At Izabel Camille, they have chosen to really do something so that their ringplating will not be worn off.
Therefore, they have chosen to coat them with 3 MICRON gilding extra, which makes the rings incredibly durable.
Note that their goldplated rings are more expensive than their silver rings. But the quality is worth the extra money because you have a ring that lasts season after season.

Mix and match with Izabel Camille

At Izabel Camille, it's all about mixing their earrings and necklaces exactly as you want.
You mix the pendants you want for your basic Izabel Camille earrings or necklaces.
Renew the pendants season after season - and you will always be able to create new, delicious jewellery.