Pendants and charms for necklaces, earrings and bracelets are amazing because they can create the style and look you want. Mix your very own favorite jewelry and add a gold, gold-plated or silver pendant with a special meaning to your favorite necklace, earring or bracelet. We have a wide selection of gold, silver and gold plated pendants and charms that you will love. Take a look at all the beautiful pendants and charms from STINE A Jewelry, Enamel Copenhagen, Izabel Camille, Jane Kønig, A-Hjort and Sistie below.


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The most beautiful selection of pendants and charms

A-Hjort has a wide selection of Danish jewelery brands that design the finest pendants and charms. The range is carefully selected by the hottest jewelry brands - you will find pendants and charms from Stine A, Enamel Copenhagen, Jane Kønig, Izabel Camille, Sistie and A-Hjort's own jewelry brand. We love pendants and charms in both gold, gold-plated and silver which can help to add the final touch to your favorite outfit, whether you are going to a party or at work.

Inspiration to choose pendants and charms for your necklaces, earrings and bracelets

Buy one or more pendants and charms and place them in your necklace, bracelet or earrings to renew the expression and the design of the jewelery. In that way, you can spice up the joy in old jewelry and make them fit your outfit, whether it is for everyday or more festive occasions.
At A-Hjort, we recommend buying some cute and beautiful pendants and charms and combining them with a classic anchor chain. Therefore, we have designed a beautiful and timeless anchor chain which can be found under A-Hjort Necklaces. You can also buy pendants and charms and combine them with earrings and necklaces. Izabel Camille, in particular, has made some cool earrings and hoops where you can combine them with beautiful pendants in both silver and gold-plated sterling silver.

Pendants and charms - the perfect gift and personal gift idea

At A-Hjort you can get the most beautiful letter pendants for your necklace, bracelet or ankle chain. We also have pendants shaped like hearts or other cute symbols and motifs. In that way, you can pamper yourself or someone you care about by giving the jewelry a personal touch with initials or your favorite symbol. Pendants are also available in different colors, which can easily bring a new life into existing jewelry - a pendant as a gift for women and girls will always be a great useful gift. If you are in doubt about what to give the girl who has everything, a pendant is an excellent gift idea!

Pendants in gold, pendants in silver and pendants in colors

Whether you are a silver girl or a gold girl, we have a pendant for just your wardrobe! At A-Hjort you will find both silver and gold/gold-plated pendants, and the possibilities are many. For example, you can also combine both gold and silver jewelry and let your personality shine through the mix of the jewelry. Pendants and charms are also available with pearls or with natural stones in different colors. The color choice give a renewed energy to your outfit and the exact event you are facing.