Gift card

You can easily and quickly buy a gift card for A-Hjort.

By buying a gift card and giving as a gift to someone you love, you avoid the hassle of finding the perfect piece of jewelery.

Giving a gift card is always a good idea. Here you give the recipient the opportunity to select and find their own personal and unique jewelry, with the idea that it is from you as the giver. In this way, it becomes extra special, as the recipient has had you in mind all the way when choosing the jewelry.

When you need to buy a gift card, you can do it right here or search for "gift" at the top of the search box on the website. You decide for yourself what amount the gift card should be.

The gift card is valid for 3 years from the date of issue.

How to buy a gift card:

  1. You enter the desired amount and press "select amount". The amount is in British pound - GBP

  2. The gift card with the selected amount will now be placed in your basket

  3. You finish and pay in the webshop in the same way as all other orders
    If you want a personal greeting attached to the gift card, simply write it in the comments field at checkout

  4. A-Hjort sends a beautiful digital gift card

A payment code is written on the gift card. The holder of the gift card can with the payment code trigger payment up to the purchased amount. If the entire amount is not used at once, the remaining amount can always be used another good time.