A-Hjort has a great selection of beautiful necklaces for every style. The necklaces come in many pretty shapes and beautiful designs. Necklaces are typically something you pay extra attention to when you have eye contact with other people. Necklaces are therefore a really cool accessory that help complete any outfit. We have a large selection of feminine, simple and raw necklaces. Mix and match your necklaces to create your very own expression. Feel free to mix short and long necklaces from different designers, for a trendy and stylish look. We have necklaces from all the hot jewelry brands such as STINE A Jewelry, Jane Kønig, Maanesten, Enamel Copenhagen, Pernille Corydon, SistieIzabel Camille or our own A-Hjort brand.

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Necklaces - chunky or thin chains are a must-have!

The right type of necklaces can help to give you a completely unique look. The necklace can give your look the extra touch that spice up the entire outfit. We have both chunky and regular chains, so whether you are into strong statement necklaces or thin simple necklaces, A-Hjort is the right place to shop your jewelry. The necklaces vary greatly in design. Some are chunky, some necklaces are designed with natural stones, others have a thin chains with a pendant and some have several nice little pendants with lots of details. Necklaces are the perfect choice whether it is for everyday use with a basic T-shirt and a pair of boyfriend jeans or whether it is for the red carpet and your prom dress. At A-Hjort you can find the necklace that suits you and the event you are attending.

If you need more inspiration for the most delicious necklaces combined with other beautiful jewelery, then you can take a look at our selected jewelery sets, which offer rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces.

Adjust your necklaces

Many of our necklaces are adjustable chains, so you can easily adjust the length of the chains yourself. It is incredibly smart if you go with several necklaces at once. Then you can decide for yourself which chain should sit at the top and bottom of the neck. That way, you can easily decide for yourself what look you want your necklaces to give in different lengths.
At A-Hjort we have both long and short necklaces. Our necklaces are very different in length and go from 38 cm to 100 cm. So if you love short choker necklaces or long necklaces, then we can guarantee to find your favorite necklaces for you.

Necklaces with a lots of ​​possibilities

At A-Hjort, we have gathered a delicious selection of necklaces across hot jewelry brands. Our necklaces offer everything from gold, gold-plated sterling silver and 925 sterling silver in high quality with real pearls, porcelain and gemstones.
There are no limits to how a necklace can be styled. Stacking necklaces is the brand new fashion phenomenon where you combine many necklaces at once. That way, you can wear several necklaces with different expressions, colors and details at the same time.

Take a look at our wonderful universe of beautiful necklaces and let yourself be inspired. If you have a favorite brand in necklaces already, you can easily click on to the necklaces of the desired brand right here: Maanesten, Pernille Corydon, Izabel Camille, Jane Kønig, Sistie, Enamel Copenhagen, Carré, Pico, Stine A and our own A-Hjort.

Anchor chains for your favorite pendant

At A-Hjort, we also have a large selection of basic anchor chains, which is a completely clean chain without pendants. You can either wear the necklaces as a complement to another necklace, but they are also perfect when adding your own optional pendant. This way you can design your very own and unique necklace look with the symbols / pendants or charms that mean something to you. The anchor chains are available in both short and long lengths. That way, you can decide for yourself how to wear them. If you want to shop high quality anchor chains at a fair price, then you can see more under A-Hjort Necklaces.

Buy your new necklace at A-Hjort

A-Hjort gives you the opportunity to gather inspiration for different necklaces - in your selection you can find a necklace that suits exactly your style. Once you have chosen your beautiful necklace, you can simply leave the rest to us. We provide fast and free delivery. In addition, we are also very happy to help you wrap the necklace nicely, if you wish. If you have questions or anything else, you can simply contact our five-star customer service here. Buy your necklace online today - we will make sure to pack and ship it as soon as possible.

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