”Creation is my great passion. I constantly see new possibilities and forms. The urge to create has always been a part of me. I find my inspiration in fashion, architecture, furniture, nature and in people. I am always very observant, and I see details that inspire me everywhere.”

- Pernille Corydon

Pernille Corydon was born and raised in Kerteminde on Funen in Denmark. Her interest in form and creativity has always been a part of her life. In 2008, she started designing and producing jewellery in Denmark. Pernille Corydon’s jewellery is characterized by its Scandinavian simplicity and geometric forms. The pieces are stylish, feminine and timeless. The possibilities for creating personal styles with her pieces are endless.

Pernille Corydon's collection

Pernille Corydon divides her collection into sub-collections. Each of these collections is inspired by all aspects of life and nature.

Pernille Corydon often takes pictures of architectural lines, picturesque scenes or simply current fashions, wherever she is in the world. Almost immediately, they become small paper sketches to be used in the next Pernille Corydon collection.

Her Brick collection, for example, was inspired by a landscape of fields she saw out of the window on a flight to Holland.

Pernille Corydon’s materials and colours

Pernille Corydon’s jewellery is made of sterling silver 925. The jewellery comply with Danish regulations concerning the amount of nickel, cadmium, lead and mercury they may give off. Pernille Corydon is a registered dealer and importer of jewellery parts in precious metals. Therefore, as mandated by Danish law, her work is monitored by the precious metal authority to ensure that her jewellery are genuine.

Pernille Corydon’s jewellery is available in the following materials:

  • Silver – sterling silver 925 with a natural untreated surface
  • Gold plated – sterling silver 925, gold plated with 18 carat gold
  • Oxidized – sterling silver 925 oxidized to give an attractive, dark and rustic surface
  • Rhodanized silver – sterling silver 925 which has been lacquered to give it a darker black/grey surface

All the dark rings have been darkened by rhodanization. All the dark necklaces, bracelets and earrings are oxidized to obtain the dark, rustic look.

Mix and match with Pernille Corydon

One of the things that we think makes Pernille Corydon’s jewellery so exceptional is the way one can mix and match shapes, collections and materials freely. There are no rules or limitations to the creativity one can use.
We also love mixing Pernille Corydon’s pieces with, for example Maanesten Jewellery. Depending on whether you are looking for the simple, raw or romantic look it’s possible to mix Pernille Corydon’s jewellery in a way that fits. We often mix our gold plated rings with our silver earrings and rings as well as our long and short necklaces with different shapes and colours.