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At A-Hjort you will find a large selection of Maanesten jewelry. We are stock leader and can ship day to day on all the popular jewelry. You therefore get fast and free shipping when you buy Maanesten jewelry online at A-Hjort. We send directly to your address or the nearest store, regardless of whether you need Maanesten jewelry in Aalborg, Århus, Copenhagen Odense, Maanesten in Norway or elsewhere in Europe - then we can ship it the next weekday!

Maanesten creates beautiful jewelry that highlights the best sides of every woman and at the same time gives her a stylish look that fits the trends of the time.

Behind the brand Maanesten you will find jewelery designer Lotte Venø Callesen. Lotte has been designing jewelry for more than 10 years, all of which have found a permanent place in the fashion scene. With the brand Maanesten, she has created a style that loves colors and shapes of the time and have an expression that can be worn by anyone - young and old.
Maanesten jewelry has a very special expression. The jewelery has a beautiful workmanship, which in particular focuses on the special details found in all the jewelery. On this page you can see our entire wide selection and large assortment of Maanesten jewelry.

Let your style shine through in your choice of jewelry

Spice up your outfit with the most beautiful Maanesten jewelry and let your style shine through. Whether you are into silver, gold or pearls - the classic look or a slightly more eye-catching and interesting look - we have collected the jewelery from Maanesten that will definitely fall in your taste. Maanesten always follows the latest fashion and trend - so you are guaranteed to find a fashionable Maanesten jewelry on this page. Maanesten is one of the trend-setting brands on the fashion scene and has an exact sense of what the women or girls want. The jewelery from Maanesten involves lots of ​​fantastic colors, beautiful white pearls, small unique details and delicious graphic cuts. Feel free to mix the popular Maanesten Earrings, Maanesten finger rings, Maanesten Bracelets, Maanesten necklaces and all the fine Maanesten accessories with each other to create the perfect and fashionable look!

Jewelry for all occasions and ages

In the last few years, Maanesten has become an incredibly popular jewelery brand, which designs the most beautiful and delicious jewelery for all women, regardless of type and age. All the jewelry from Månesten is of super high quality. A Maanesten jewelry is also the perfect gift idea, whether for yourself, your sister, mother or friend. Maanesten's own designers spend an incredible amount of time on each individual collection. Therefore, each piece of jewelry has the wildest and most unique details. For each season, you will find inspiration in new places and stories that they design from. Maanesten wants to make life more beautiful and everyday life more fun, and you will therefore find a large selection of different types of designs in the collections from Mannesten. Unique details are demanded in all Maanesten's jewelery, so whether you are looking for a pair of simple hoops in gold-plated silver, a pair of floral ear studs with fine small details or a ring in a whimsical and edgy design, you can find it at Maanesten. Maanesten has created a style and a design that follows the spirit of the times and allows the individual woman to wear it in an easy and natural way. All the jewelery has a unique expression, and Maanesten has managed to balance today's trends in an elegant and graceful way in all their jewelery.

Fashionable quality jewelry at a good price

Maanesten offers the most delicious quality jewelery at a good price, where everyone can participate. Maanesten started up back in 2005, when jewelery designer Lotte Venø Callesen launched her first jewelery collection. Characteristic of Maanesten jewelry is a mixture of the timeless and at the same time floating and dreamy ethnically inspired look. When jewelery designer Lotte Venø Callesen started creating unique jewelery more than 15 years ago, the primary purpose was to create contemporary and modern quality jewelery at lower prices. All women must have the opportunity to buy the latest jewelry trends, and you are absolutely guaranteed that with beautiful jewelry from Maanesten. Maanesten have their jewelery produced in an Indian city, where they have their own jewelers. Precisely through their combination of design and craftsmanship, it becomes possible to offer a high quality at a good price. At A-Hjort, the Maanesten selection is by far the largest and the possibilities are many. There is thus a high probability that you will find a piece of jewelery that is just right for you. We always have free shipping and gift wrapping and are also very happy to advise you both by email and phone if you are in doubt about anything. Buy your next Maanesten jewelery at A-Hjort and you will be sure of a good deal.

Maanesten collections - a huge success

Maanesten launches 4 annual collections and most colors, patterns and shapes are repeated in their jewelry season after season. You can therefore always find new jewelry from their new collection which can be beautifully combined with previous jewelry collections. Maanesten designs all their jewelery in Denmark and the processing takes place in the Indian city of Jaipur, where they have their own jeweler. It is the combination of design and craftsmanship that enables Maanesten to offer high quality at a really good price.

See Maanesten's various collections in the following categories:
Spring / Summer, High-Summer, Autumn / Winter, High Winther.

Maanesten materials and colors

Maanesten jewelry is made of sterling silver 925. The jewelry complies with the Danish legal requirements for the release of nickel, cadmium, lead and mercury. Maanesten is a registered dealer and importer of jewelery parts in precious metals. In accordance with Danish law, Maanesten is therefore checked by the precious metals control, which ensures that the goods are genuine.

Maanesten jewelry is available in the following materials:

  • Silver -sterling silver 925 with a natural untreated surface
  • Gold-plated sterling silver 925 gold-plated with 18 carat gold.
  • In addition, the Maanesten uses many semi-precious stones in many of their designs.

Mix and match with Maanesten

Feel free to mix many of the various more cool and raw jewelry from Maanesten with their feminine styles. For example, we love to use the zodiac necklaces “Zodiac” along with other longer necklaces. In general, when you mix jewelery with Månesten, the jewelery really comes into its own. We recommend mixing the popular Maanesten jewelry with the delicious styles from Enamel Copenhagen, Pernille Corydon, STINE A Jewelry and Sistie. The cute jewelry also fits so well with the raw jewelry from Jane Kønig. Alternatively, you can take a look at our instagram, where we find the most delicious mixes and matches with Moonstone jewelry.
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