A-Hjort has a fantastic selection of earrings, ear studs and hoops. We have both gold earrings, silver earrings and gold plated earrings. You can find the perfect earrings, whether they are to be used for everyday or party right here. We have everything - both simple and light earsticks, detailed hoops as well as elegant earrings.
At A-Hjort, the selection of earrings offers Danish designer jewelery such as Maanesten earrings, Jane Kønig earrings, Pernille Corydon earrings, Enamel Copenhagen earrings, STINE A Jewelry earrings and our own A-Hjort earrings as well as many other popular jewelery brands.

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Earrings - A large selection from A-Hjort to you

Super modern earrings for girls and women come in all shapes and sizes. We have earrings for a simple and elegant look or earrings for those who want to stand out with a raw and chunky design. Let us help you complete your look with our wide range of earrings to suit your personal style. Your ears just get so much nicer when you add some beautiful earrings to complete your look!

A-Hjort always has free delivery and gift wrapping on earrings when you order in our online jewelry store.

Find your own style with A-Hjort's wide selection of earrings, ear studs and hoops

At A-Hjort, we have a wide selection of the most beautiful earrings in gold, gold-plated and silver. We sell earrings, ear studs, earchains, hoops and earcuffs, so we definitely have something to fit your style. Common to the entire selection of earrings is that it is Danish design in top class, high quality with 100% sterling silver 925, real pearls, porcelain, stones and gemstones. Our selecton of earrings is gold, sterling silver or gold-plated sterling silver.

A-Hjort's always updated selection of earrings, ear studs and hoops makes it fun and exciting to shop your jewelery online. At A-Hjort you can create your own personal style based on our large selection of designer earrings. You can buy earrings which are hanging earrings, round earrings, small earrings and large earrings. In addition, all earrings can be mixed in hundred of cool ways, so you get exactly the mix of earrings that you dream about.

At A-Hjort, we take pride in being able to sell a wide selection of top jewelery brands from Denmark. That way, you know that buying earrings from us always follows today's fashion and trends.
You can combine your earrings with our other selection of other jewelry such as necklaces, rings, bracelets. For example, we have made our draft on how to combine earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets under jewelry sets. We hope it can inspire you to go find your own personal jewelery look.

Are your next earrings silver, gold plated or gold?

Earrings are an indispensable piece of jewelry. Whether you want your earrings to be in gold, gold-plated or silver, you can always buy them online at A-Hjort with our delicious selection. Our popular earrings from Jane Kønig, Maanesten, Stine A, Pernille Corydon, Enamel Copenhagen, Pico, Sistie, A-Hjort and Izabel Camille mean that we definitely have the earrings in gold or silver for your taste. The earrings are in sterling silver, gold-plated sterling silver 925 in the highest quality, gold-plated / silver-plated brass or real solid gold. This is always stated on the product detail page. Whether you are a silver girl or a gold girl, we are ready to help you. You can see our selection of silver jewelry here - as well as the selection of jewelry in gold color here.

You can read more about silver jewelry on our blog: Silver jewelry on A-Hjort

What is an earcuff? What is a creol? What is an eachain?

An earcuff is small open hoops that you put on the edge of your ear. An earcuff does not go through the ear.
Creoles / Hoops are often large round earrings that end on both sides of the hole in the ear. You can also find many smaller creoles with a lot of fine details at A-Hjort.
Earchains are long chain earrings where the chain either goes through your hole in the ear and hangs elegantly down on both sides of the hole or the chain is put on a cute earring.

Diamonds, crystals and colored zircons

If you love earrings with beautiful zircons, diamonds or crystals in the most beautiful colors, then we have a all the ​​options for you. At A-Hjort, we love jewelry with colored zircons, stones or crystals. It gives the most beautiful expression and attracts a lot of attention. You can mix your beautiful colored earrings for almost any kind of earrings. If you love diamonds, we also sell the most beautiful jewelry with real diamonds - and at a really good price.

Buy silver earrings and gold earrings online at A-Hjort

At A-Hjort, we make it easy for you to find earrings for your personal style. We do this by hand-picking the most beautiful designer jewelery from the Danish brands with a good price. We always make sure to have the latest collections of earrings, so you are always sure to follow the fashion trends.

At A-Hjort, you are sure to make a good deal, as the shipping label is free and the gift packaging is included as part of our always good customer service. If you have questions about our selection of earrings, you are always welcome to contact our customer service (5 Stars on trustpilot). Buy your earrings online today, and A-Hjort will ensure fast delivery, so you can enjoy your new beautiful earrings as soon as possible.

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