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PICO - Designed and produced in Denmark

PICO is a Danish jewelery and accessories company founded by the owner Anne-Marie Pico in 2004. All jewelery and accessories are Anne-Marie Pico's own designs. Pico has a jeweler in the workshop at Østerbro, where they produce the jewelery, while hair ornaments are produced globally.
Jewelry and accessories have today become an important part of people's styling, expression and appearance. It is very individual what shapes and types of jewelry that women wear. At A-Hjort, we have gathered all the best from Pico’s collection, so you can find a piece of jewelery that suits your style. In addition to the delicious jewelry, we have also collected the best hair accessories from Pico. Their design and prices make it possible to have lots of jewelry and accessories in quality materials for different occasions. Find Pico for your wardrobe here!

Great focus on the environment, sustainability and high quality

Within the last year, PICO has focused on replacing the acrylic on several of their hair clips to use Cellulose Acetate as their primary material. Acetate is a more natural material, which consists of recyclable materials such as cotton and pulp (wood). Acetate is therefore derived primarily from biodegradable and naturally occurring substances. It is therefore more environmentally friendly than other forms of processed matter and is biodegradable. Acetate is also hypoallergenic and a highly flexible material which is best known for its use in the frames of glasses.
The hair clips are of course nickel-free and with a strong durability in the gilding.
Furthermore, Pico has chosen that their suppliers must use recyclable packaging for their products, which means that their polypos in which the hair products are delivered are made from recyclable materials. In the beginning of 2019, they replaced their bubble wrap with the green environmentally friendly version which is made of 50% recycled materials and within a short time their cardboard boxes, packing tape, paper and so on will be replaced by more environmentally friendly alternatives, which are produced from recyclable materials.

Buy PICO collection online at A-Hjort

The designer Anne-Marie PICO does not work directly with different collections, but instead she follows today's trends and tendencies and constantly comes up with new delicious styles that fit exactly into the current fashion trends.
Pico has many different delicious colors in their designs and also works a lot with the elements of nature. At A-Hjort, we have chosen to sell both PICO earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and their beautiful hair accessories.

Materials and colors

Pico primarily uses Gold Doublé, which is the strongest alloy you can make when it is not solid gold. It is a brass as a base and with a thick layer of gold on the outside. This alloy is usually more expensive than sterling silver.
Pico uses sterling silver or brass as a base in all their things. Smaller units are always sterling silver and for larger units (eg bracelets) it will be brass. If you are in doubt about materials, you can find descriptions on our webshop under each piece of jewelery or contact us here.
Picos crystals are often Swarovski, as they have a nicer facetization. Sometimes, however, it can also be zircons. Note, however, that none of the jewelry contains nickel.

Mix and match

Pico is particularly characterized by their chunky hoops and earrings, where especially styles like Africa, Akoya and Rainy comes again year after year. You can easily mix and match Pico’s jewelry with other brands. We especially recommend the popular jewelry from Pico with A-Hjort's own jewelry, as it can contribute with some simpler styles. We love the combination of statement jewelry with a chunky expression combined with classic jewelry. Follow us on our facebook and instagram if you want good advice or inspiration on how you can best style with Pico jewelry and accessories.

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