Trendy and modern jewellery at an incredibly good price! PICO is a Danish jewellery - and accessories company founded by the owner Anne-Marie Pico in 2004. All jewellery and accessories are Anne-Marie Pico's own designs. Their goldsmith in the workshop in Østerbro produces the jewellery, while the hair accessories are produced globally. Jewellery and accessories are an important part of people's styling and appearance today. Pico designs and prices makes it possible to have lots of jewellery and accessories in good quality materials.

PICO collection

The designer Anne-Marie Pico does not work with collections but she follows current trends and tendencies and makes great new styles that fit exactly into the current fashion trends.
Pico has many delicious colours in their designs and also work with the elements of nature.
A-Hjort has chosen to sell both PICOS jewellery but also their beautiful hair accessories.

PICO materials and colours

Pico primarily uses Gulddoublé, which is the strongest alloy to use, when it's not solid gold.
It is a brass as a base and with a thick layer of gold on the outside. This alloy is more expensive than sterling silver.
Pico uses sterling silver or brass as the base of all their jewellery. Smaller units are always sterling silver and by larger units (eg. Bracelet) will be brass.
If you are unsure about materials You can find descriptions on our webshop under each product or contact us here.
Picos crystals are mostly Swarovski, as they have a nicer faceting. Occasionally it may be zirconia.
None of the jewellery contains nickel.

Mix and match with PICO

PICO jewellery are so delicious to mix with other jewellery brands.
It is also beautiful to mix a lot of different bracelets from PICO together.