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Jane Kønig - Classic, raw and modern jewelry

If you like raw, timeless, elegant and quirky jewelry that meets in a perfect combination, then you arrived in the perfect place.

Jane Kønig is a Danish design brand that has a long history behind them. Jane Kønig is a garment designer from The Danish School Of Design in 1986, and she opened her first store in Copenhagen in 1989, and we are very lucky, that we are online retailers of the amazing brand consisting of eclectic, playful, personal and classic designs with quirky twists. Jane Kønigs philosophy is to challenge women to experiment with their looks.
Jane Kønig has designed the personal Reflection Letters and the iconic V-ring, both of which are clear favorites.

Jane Kønig's characteristics are that raw, feminine, classic and modern characteristics meet in a perfect combination that allows you to put together jewelry to suit you and your style. You can combine their necklaces and bracelets with their many pendants, and combine the fantastic rings and earrings as well.

When buying jewelry from Jane Kønig, you get a classic, edgy and detailed Danish design, which you can enjoy for many years.

Jewelry collections from Jane Kønig

Jane Kønig, who designs the jewelry herself, designs with a personal passion and inspiration - their universe is playful and eclectic, which ends out with designs that are timeless and classic with twists.
Jane Kønig launches four collections per year; Spring Summer / SS, High Summer / HS, Autumn Winter / AW and Holiday Collection / HW, and we always select the gorgeous styles from each collection.

Jane Kønig jewelry as a gift

Jewelry often holds a loving memory, a special time or event, and therefore it is a perfect gift for a mother, sister, grandmother, girlfriend and daughter. When you give Jane Kønig jewelry as a gift, the lucky receiver gets a piece of high, Danish quality that fits every budget and any event. Your valentinesdate, girlfriend or mother can, for example, get a small mother of pearl heart in a necklace or as a bracelet, as a symbol of love. If you are attending a confirmation, Jane Kønig jewelry is an obvious option as a gift for the confirmanders or as an accessories for the beautiful confirmation dresses.
If you need to 18th birthday, student party, candidate-celebration or something quite fourth, then the many opportunities at Jane Kønig an obvious opportunity. A-Hjort always has free, fast delivery and free, beautiful gift wrapping, and you can even attach a personal greeting if desired. We are very proud to say that we have five stars on Trustpilot.

The chosen materials

All the Jane Kønig jewelry is made of nickel-free sterling silver 925, de gilded jewelry is sterling silver 925 gilded with 18 carat gold. All the pearls and stones are real. Jane chooses the materials very carefully and only chooses the best.

Jane Kønig is perfect for mixing

Here at A-Hjort we cannot hide our enthusiasm for Jane Kønigs jewelry universe, which has absolutely amazing, edgy, feminine and classic jewelry that can be used for basic outfits or for going out.

You can combine pendants and necklaces in infinitely many combinations, and by doing so, you can achieve the excact look you are looking for, and the various styles harmonize so elegantly and well with each other. Replace your pendants from event to event and season to season - this way you can change your expression in your style in an economical and sustainable way.

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