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New jewelry brand - Welcome to Sistie

Beautiful, cool and unique jewelry where creativity is the key word - welcome to the brand new jewelry brand Sistie! The new jewelry brand Sistie will engage young women in a social and creative community, and they invite you on board to the creative universe of the future, where young women set the agenda.

“Our idea is to integrate you into a dialogue about creativity, career choices, challenges, dreams, goals and taboos. In general, all about being young today, ”says Kamille Carolina Østergaard, who is the founder of Sistie.

Owner Kamille Carolina Østergaard founded the renowned jewelery brand Izabel Camille in 2008. In less than 10 years, she has gained international success and created a solid business that now financially allows her to realize another dream - Sistie.

Sistie designs new jewelry on an ongoing basis, and does not follow the traditional structure within the jewelry world, with 2-4 collections annually. Designs come in a flow, and reflect what is moving right now in the fashion industry. Sistie is your jewelry universe where you are allowed to express yourself in a creative environment with others! All young people are invited to participate, regardless of background and culture - As long as you love jewelry and what they do for you! All the jewelery can be bought here at A-Hjort and we are super proud to be a part of this exciting project.

Design collabs with Sistie jewelry

Sistie has often, in connection with their jewelry collections, entered a collaboration with various creative and popular enthusiasts. In the collections you will, among other things, find collabs with cool young women as influencers, youtubers, bloggers or are otherwise creative on social media. Among other things, you will find young women such as; Melissa Bentsen, Anna Briand, Olivia Dahl, Silke Kristensen and other cool personalities.
At A-Hjort you will find all the delicious collabs and jewelry categories online! Whether you are looking for Sistie Earrings, Sistie Finger Rings, Sistie Bracelets, Sistie Necklaces, Sistie Anklets or Sistie Pendants, we can help you! Remember that we always have free shipping and fast delivery.

Want to be a designer on their next collection?

The Sistie jewelery creates the framework for a creative environment where young girls have the opportunity to be guest designers. They collaborate with influencers, actors, musicians, sports stars - in other words, young women who have visions, goals and ambitions.
Sistie is the young people's jewelery. The Sistie foundation is not based on current business strategies, but on creating an active community. A community where creativity and passion take shape and create the future. Nothing is stationary, everything is in motion! A humanitarian project that shows the diversity of the future among human currents. You can be part of their community and universe. They host design days, photo days and design competitions, which are accessible to everyone. You can upload personal photos, youtube movies, or participate in interviews and debate posts that are open and honest. Participate - and have the challenges and dreams you have expressed.

“I am happy to be allowed to be part of this exciting project. The community means everything, and it gives me a certain kind of peace - that there is an understanding for us young people - and we get time to speak out loud without being judged on what we say. We are not on a deroute - we are just curious about life and therefore try new ideas. " - Sophie, intern at Sistie.

“Based on my jewelry brand Izabel Camille, my desire has been to create a sister brand for young women, therefore the name Sistie. Young women have lots of ​​dreams and problems, and they need to find a creative community where they can unfold themselves. Where they can dream and be just exactly as they are. That is why we have chosen to give young people the opportunity to be co-creators in our universe - where anything can happen” - Kamille Carolina Østergaard, founder of Sistie.

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