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Beautiful, cool and unique jewelry and wild prices - welcome to the brand new Sistie!

The new jewelery brand Sistie will engage young people in a social and creative community, and they will invite you into the creative universe of the future, where young women set the agenda. "Our idea is to integrate you into dialogue about creativity, career choices, challenges, dreams, goals and taboos.", says founder of Sistie - Kamille Carolina Østergaard.

Owner Kamille Carolina Østergaard founded the renowned jewelery brand Izabel Camille in 2008. In less than 10 years, she has reaped international success and created a solid business that now financially allows her to realize her favorite cause - Sistie.

Sistie is your brand universe where you are allowed to express yourself in a creative environment with others! All young people are invited to participate, regardless of background and culture - As long as you love jewelry and what they do for you!

All the jewelery can be bought here at A-Hjort and we are super proud to be a part of this exciting project.