At A-Hjort you will find the most beautiful hair accessories in the right colors and designs. Below you will find a large selection of hair clips, hair claws, hair elastics, hair pins, scrunchies and hair bands from the most delicious jewelry brands Maanesten, Pico, Pernille Corydon. Find your favorite hair accessory here!


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Large selection of delicious hair accessories

At A-Hjort, we sell the most delicious hair accessories in the finest colors. Our selection is large, and we sell hair clips, hair claws, hair elastics, hair pins, scrunchies and hair bands. Our wide selection of hair accessories consists of both simple and classic designs as well as some with beautiful colors and fine details. Whether you are into flowers, stripes or cute white pearls, A-Hjort is the perfect place to buy hair accessories. We have something for everyone.
You can easily spice up your outfit by adding a cute hair clip or a nice hair elastic. We have a wide and delicious selection of beautiful accessories from the design brands Maanesten, Pico and Pernille Corydon.

Hair accessories for women - create your own unique and personal style

Whether you are a girl or a woman, you can find a hair accessory for you. Hair clips, hair claws or hair elastics are the perfect way to give your look a little extra personality and charm. It gives a nice twist to wear a beautiful hair pin with pearls, a nice floral scrunchie or a beautiful hair clip with pearls. At A-Hjort, we have a large selection, and we sell all types of hair accessories for both everyday and parties. Whether you have short or long hair, straight or curly hair - hair accessories give something extra to your hairstyle. To complete your look, you can easily combine hair accesories with fine earrings, necklaces, bracelets, finger rings and pendants.

The hair clip, hair claw and hair pin are here to stay

The above Hair Accessories made its huge entry on the fashion scene in the 90’s. It is definitely a trend that has come to stay. A-Hjort's selection of Hair Accesories has a strong focus on quality, modern design and a happy expression. We love hair accessories whether it is to be combined with your favorite summer dress on a sunny day or your favorite sweater on the gray rainy days.