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At the A-Hjort webshop you can, as the only platform, buy A-Hjort's own Danish designed jewelery. A-Hjort's unique jewelery is designed by A-Hjort owner Anne Hjort Lund herself. The jewelry is designed and inspired by various events throughout Anne's life. A large part of A-Hjort's jewelery symbolizes small stories, where especially her children play a big part. The jewelry is in high quality sterling silver 925 or with 1 micron 24 ct. gilding on top of Sterling Silver 925. See more in the A-Hjort collection below - maybe there is a story that you identify with?

A-Hjort collections

When Anne designed the first A-Hjort style, her Anton bracelet, she was very preoccupied with a way to remind herself to treat oneself great and take care of oneself in a busy and hectic everyday life.
Late at night, she encounters for the first time the word CHI, which means "life energy" and which flows through everything: your body, soul, spirit and everything in the universe. - and from here the design emerged quickly. It was not coincidental that the bracelet was named Anton Bracelet. Anne's youngest son is named Anton and has been through a lot in his first 3 years of life - including hernia, eczema, milk allergy and childhood arthritis. For Anne, he is the symbol of life energy - he is a piece of life with the greatest zeal of proud and joy of life, which daily reminds her how fragile life can be, and that you must remember to live with love close to you.

Anne has since expanded her popular Anton bracelet to a very small jewelery collection.
"The Anton bracelet will always mean something very special to me - it was the start of my own jewelry design adventure and the symbol of the greatest love that exists - the love of one's children." Andreas is the name of Anne's oldest son and just as Andreas is Anton's big brother, Andreas' jewelery is also "big brother" to Anton's jewelery. It is the same design but in a larger version.

In 2019, A-Hjort was able to launch the Spring / Summer collection with the title "Alma - greatest of all is love". With the latest Alma collection, Anne has tried to tell a story about what has happened in her and A-Hjort's lives afterwards. "My daughter Alma was born in January 2019 and has therefore been my biggest inspiration for the SS19 collection."
- Designer Anne Hjort Lund

Classic and modern jewelry from A-Hjort

When you buy jewelery from A-Hjort's own brand, you get the more refined and classic jewelery. Explore A-Hjort's jewelery box on this page and choose your favorite classic jewelry. Our classic jewelry is made using carefully selected materials in the highest quality, where you get "value for money". At A-Hjort, we believe that classic jewelery is a must-have for all women's jewelery collections. A-Hjort sells our own earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and much more. No matter what you are looking for, you can always find a timeless and classic piece of jewelery from A-Hjort's catalog, which can easily be used either alone or with other jewelery.

At A-Hjort, we have always foced on a common goal. We focus on making classic and timeless jewelry that can be mixed with other super modern jewelry brands that we sell. Explore our online jewelry catalog and we will introduce you to jewelry that you want to wear every single day.

A-Hjort materials and colors

A-Hjort's jewelery is made of sterling silver 925. The jewelery complies with the Danish legal requirements for the release of nickel, cadmium, lead and mercury. A-Hjort is a registered dealer and importer of jewelery parts in gemstones. In accordance with Danish law, we are therefore checked by the control, which ensures that the goods are genuine parts. Note our jewelry will always be stamped AHJ as well as 925 for authenticity.

A-Hjort's jewelery is available in the following materials:

  • Silver -sterling silver 925
  • Gold-plated sterling silver 925 - gold-plated with 24 carat gold
  • Rose gold-plated sterling silver 925 with a layer of gold mixed with copper
  • In addition, A-Hjort uses beautiful zircons in many of our designs.

Mix and match with A-Hjort jewelry

A-Hjort jewelry is great either alone or to match with other jewelry. At A-Hjort, we simply love to match jewelry and different jewelry brands together. You can create the most delicious expressions if you for example choose a piece of jewelery from Jane Kønig, Maanesten, STINE A Jewelry, Enamel Copenhagen, or Pernille Corydon and combine it with a timeless classic from A-Hjort. That way, you can create your own unique and personal look at a great price.

If you are looking for a gift and want an extra thing, then an A-Hjort jewelry is a perfect suggestion. For example, combine a gift from Sistie, Izabel Camille or Pico Jewelry with A-Hjort's piece of jewelery to complete the gift for the recipient. You can combine A-Hjort jewelry with exactly the brand you want. See more in the overview of the various popular jewelery brands that A-Hjort sells here.

At A-Hjort, you are sure to find a piece of jewelery that can bring joy for many years to come, if you take good care of it. Both in terms of quality but in particular also fashionable. See how we have mixed A-Hjort jewelery with favorite best-sellers from the other popular brands from our webshop here → A-Hjort jewelery set.