Jane Kønig earrings

Wow - Do you love Jane Kønig just as much as we do at A-Hjort?

The earrings are so beautiful, detailed and at the same time classic, so they can be used for many years and by all ages.
For example, you have the sweet, quirky Row Pearl What Stud, that has the shape of a question mark, the so cute and feminine Souvenir Hoop, the classic and fine Bead Twist earring or the elegant Small Shell?

PLEASE NOTE that earrings from Jane Kønig is sold individually, which just makes it even easier to spice up your outfit up in a unique way, day by day!

Jane Kønig

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The raw and different earrings from Jane Kønig

Jane Kønigs amazing range of earrings can be described both as elegant, timeless, modern, raw, edgy and cool. You can find Twisted Hoops and the eye catching Shell Earrings, that can elevate the most simple outfit to something extraordinary.
There are, among other things, jewelry with classic and elegant freshwater pearls, creoles in many forms and many studs in various shapes. These can be combined to fit your personal style. Be inspired by Jane Kønigs's detailed earrings below. Combine the earrings with other Jane Kønig jewelry, our other necklaces, bracelets, pendants and rings.

Jane Kønig earrings are available in sterling silver 925 and gilded sterling silver 925, gilded with 18 carat gold.

Combine your unique jewelry look with Jane Kønig

As mentioned above, earrings from Jane Kønig are sold as singles. That way it is obvious to create your own unique look by putting several different earrings together. Jane Kønig reflects power, playfulness and the classic, which can all be brought together in a completely unique jewelry look, where you can use the earrings individually or as pairs.

Jane Kønig is a fantastic jewelry brand to mix with other jewelry brands. If we are to tell you which of our other brands that pairs perfectly with Jane Kønig, we suggest Enamel Copenhagen and Stine A Jewelry.

Jane Kønig jewelry at A-Hjort

We are very proud of and happy to be retailers of the Danish jewelry brand Jane Kønig at A-Hjort, and we hope that you are just as happy about it as we are. We are crazy with the detailed jewelry that is carefully thought out by Jane. We have selected the most amazing earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and rings that you can find at A-Hjort.

Did you know we have free shipping and giftwrapping? We send packages all weekdays, so you can be sure to get your beautiful jewelry as soon as possible - of course wrapped beautifully if you wish. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact our customer service, they are always sweet and helpful.