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A fingerring is an obvious opportunity to spice up any outfit, so it gets a little extra special, and we are quite crazy about Jane Kønig! You have definitely landed on the right page if you agree with us! We have gathered the amazing rings from Jane Kønig below. Take a look in Jane Kønig's raw world, and see if you can find a ring that suits you and your style - or combine more rings with bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings, so you get an entire jewelry look!

Jane Kønig

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Jane Kønig creates the union of the raw, quirky and timeless

Jane Kønig's rings invites to curiosity, and there is something for everyone: The simple, feminine, timeless, classic, modern and quirky meet each other and something special arises. Have you, for example, seen the raw but feminine V-ring, the elegant and feminine Braid Ring, the Edgy Row Chain Ring or the amazing Shield that suits the cool woman so perfectly? The details on the rings are absolutely amazing, and you can mix them with Jane Kønig's other jewelry or jewelry from our other brands, so you can show your personal style.

Jane Kønig's rings are available in sterling silver 925 and gilded sterling silver 925, gilded with 18 carat gold.

Jane Kønig is perfect for mixing and matching

Jane Kønig jewelry brings great enthusiasm here at A-Hjort, because both rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces are so full of details and are of a very high quality. Each piece of jewelry is also unique, as each single piece of jewelry is handmade.

The rings can be combined in mulible ways - as an example, you can put two V-rings on top of each other with a Reflection Signet ring on another finger. The possibilities are many, and the different styles harmonize absolutely stunning with each other.

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