Izabel Camille bracelets

Izabel Camille bracelets are for you who loves the completely feminine look and loves elegant bracelet designs. Bracelets from Izabel Camille have a consistently exclusive and sophisticated look that never detracts from quality and design. The style is repeated in all Izabel Camille jewelry - take a look at earrings, pendants, rings and necklaces as well.

Izabel Camille

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Izabel Camille bracelet - the best gift on Mother's Day

At A-hjort we find it super obvious to give your mother a bracelet from Izabel Camille on Mother's Day. We are sure you can find an Izabel Camille bracelet that matches your mother's jewelry style. The bracelets are classic and very feminine with beautiful pearls and colorful stones in faint, elegant tones. Treat your mother with a gorgeous and elegant bracelet that she can wear with pride and joy for many years to come. She will love to receive it in Mother's Day gift.

Mix and match Izabel Camille bracelet

All bracelets from Izabel Camille can be combined with other cute bracelets. The creative bracelets from Maanesten with hammered surfaces, beautiful pendants and sparkling stones can add something fresh and youthful in combination with bracelets from Izabel Camille. Bracelets from Pernille corydon, bracelets from Enamel Copenhagen, as well as bracelets from Sistie and A-Hjort all have a very simple and fine expression, so if you are more into a simple bracelet look, you can easily mix Izabel Camille bracelets with these brands.

Click on A-Hjort Instagram or Facebook if you need inspiration to express yourself with the most delicious bracelet mix. A-Hjort regularly uploads pictures of bracelet mixes, where we present our suggestions on how you can mix and match bracelets from Danish jewelery brands.

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