Izabel Camille necklaces

On this page you will find classic basic necklaces from Izabel Camille in good quality and solid workmanship. Izabel Camille necklaces are very suitable for mixing with other necklaces from the various Danish jewelry brands. If you, like us, are completely in love with the sophisticated and elegant style of Izabel Camille jewelry, we encourage you to also take a look at their earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants.

Izabel Camille

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Izabel Camille necklaces with beautiful pendants

Izabel Camille loves to design necklaces with the most beautiful pendants, to bring the feminine look all the way to the last detail. So you often see Izabel Camille use small pearls, sweet stones and other motifs as pendants on their beautiful necklaces. Necklaces from Izabel Camille inspire us to go with jewelry that expresses charm, and Izabel Camille shows women a good example that you can easily mix and match short necklaces, long necklaces and decorated necklaces, even if they have a lot of jewelry ornaments.

Lots of ​​possibilities with Izabel Camille necklaces

Whether you are a gold girl or a silver girl, you can definitely find an Izabel Camille necklace that you like. Izabel Camille both creates long, simple necklaces that reach down to the chest and short necklaces that lie close to the collarbones. You can press on to necklaces from Carré, STINE A Jewelry, Pico, Enamel Copenhagen, Maanesten, Pernille corydon and A-Hjort, if you need other necklaces to mix Izabel Camille necklaces with.

If you need inspiration on how to mix and match with different necklaces, you can click on A-Hjort Instagram or Facebook, where we regularly upload photos of necklace mix and come up with our suggestions on how to put together more necklaces from various Danish jewelry brands.

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