Maanesten - Wild Flowers At Heart Collection

Spring and summer bring a wave of renewal and excitement, where nature blossoms in full bloom and colors dance with an extra intensity. It is also a special time for us, where we unveil our brand new collections that exude style and creativity.

We are proud to introduce one of our newest jewelry collections, Wild Flowers At Heart, Spring Summer, from Maanesten. This collection exudes colors and inspires a deep sense of hope and joy. Dive into the spiritual world with Maanesten's new collection.

The collection offers a wide range of enchanting Maanesten earrings that captivate our admiration. From delicate, small earrings to impressive statement earrings and earrings that open up endless possibilities for combinations.

At A-Hjort, we proudly present a collection of beautiful and sought-after rings from Maanesten. These rings are known for their popularity. The rings gracefully envelop the finger and express the essence of Maanesten's style.

Maanesten has ventured beyond the conventional boundaries of jewelry design and instead chosen to delve into the spiritual realm. By exploring and challenging existing norms, they have created a collection that goes beyond the ordinary and captures the essence of the spiritual. Through a meticulous process, they have examined what moves both in the outer world and deep within ourselves. This has resulted in a collection of jewelry that is not only beautiful to behold but also carries symbolic significance and spiritual connection.