Maanesten earrings

Beautiful, innovative and modern earrings. The earrings from Maanesten are absolutely amazing and innovative in their design and expression. We love their mix of delicious creoles, cool statement pieces and the feminine earrings.

Earrings for day and night time 

One of the best things about Maanesten's jewelry is that it suits all occasions . At Maanesten you can find small, fine and simple flower or zircon earrings. You can also find large or long earrings with colored stones or freshwater pearls. To create the ultimate perfect look for a night out or for your everyday outfit, you can choose to combine beautiful, eye-catching earrings that have a lot of power. In addition, you can add one of Maanesten's cute ear sticks or small hoops to your second earring hole. It gives the most stunning and beautiful look! You can also create a delicious earring mix by mixing some of our other jewelry brands, for example with Enamel Copenhagen earrings or Pico earrings.

Focus on the detail

At Maanesten, the focus lays on the detail. All of Maanesten's fantastic jewelry has the most beautiful shapes, surfaces and details. They have an enormous sense of detail on the individual piece of jewelry. Each piece of jewelry has a completely unique design, which gives a sophisticated expression. Every surface and shape has either a hammered surface or a unique twisted shape, and is filled with the most beautiful details. You will never get a boring look with earrings from Maanesten, as all the earrings are filled with power and wow-factor.

Express your personal style with Maanesten

You can easily express your personal style through jewelry from Maanesten. Whether you like simple earrings, freshwater pearls, colorful earrings, large and long earrings with glittering zircons - you can find something for every taste and style. Maanesten jewelry is especially known for its hammered texture and wavy shapes, which add a beautiful oriental and organic look. Maanesten earrings can be worn by anyone. All the beautiful earrings from Maanesten are the nicest compliment to your jewelry collection. Feel free to mix your Maanesten earrings with earrings from Pernille Corydon, or Pico earrings. If you want to add extra jewelry to your earrings, you can also find Maanesten Rings, Maanesten Bracelets, Maanesten necklaces and accessories. Take a look at the entire selection here.