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Cool, feminine rings! Our selection of rings from Moonstone offers their super beautiful statement rings and feminine unique rings.


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Inspiration from nature and the sea

Maanesten is known for its stunning, detailed rings with beautiful wavy shapes and knocked surfaces. The Maanesten is especially inspired by the sea's wavy nature, dynamics and change-able, as well as the delicate nature of the blossoms. Their inspiration from the sea and nature is clearly expressed in their beautiful rings, as the rings i.a. forms an organic expression. Many of the rings are also inspired by the mermaid's elegant curves and lightness. For more inspiration, you can always visit our Instagram, where we have many beautiful pictures of how you can mix your rings.

The must-have of the season

Every season, Maanesten makes the most amazing and unique rings with a beautiful and elegant design, which always becomes an absolute must-have! Mannesten’s many beautiful rings create a lot of attention. At Maanesten, they have a great love for organic and uncontrolled surfaces. Many of the rings have a geometric simplicity, organic finish and a stylish look, which makes many of the rings an absolute must-have. Feel free to mix your beautiful rings with other jewelry from Maanesten, it gives an elegant look to your outfit. You can also combine your rings with Maanesten bracelets, Maanesten earrings or necklaces.

Statement rings

Many of Maanesten's rings are statement rings. They are expressive and attract a lot of attention. And they can help spice up any outfit. Their beautiful hammered surfaces and wavy shapes make the rings completely unique. The Maanesten rings are both beautiful on their own, but you can also easily mix with other beautiful rings, either with other rings from the Maanesten , or rings from Pernille Corydon, Enamel Copenhagen etc. You can also shop other types of jewelry from Maanesten at A-Hjort. See our Maanesten Necklaces or Maanesten Earrings. Of course you can also see all the jewelry from the Maanesten collection here.