Jewelry boxes with earrings from Enamel Copenhagen

Enamel Copenhagen is crazy about colors. The designer behind the 6 unique earring boxes, Marie Rantzau, wanted to show women that you can mix your earrings exactly as you want.
She has designed 6 unique earring mixes with 3 different earrings in each box, which Anne Hjort will review below:

You can wear all the earrings in the boxes exactly as you want. As an example, you can take one of the earrings in one ear and the other 2 in the other, or if you have several of holes in the ears, you can also easily mix the Crystal box and Orange box.

The possibilities are endless and you can create exactly the personal look you want. You can also easily mix Enamel's earring boxes with Maanesten's earrings or Pernille Corydon's earrings.
I have just ordered the Orange box from Enamel, which I want to mix with the Nyla earrings and the Prisca earrings from Maanesten. A super cool and personal mix!

Enamel Box Crystal

Crystal box: is a combination of three cute and simple styles. With the finest clear stones and a single green enamel detail, the three earrings complement each other perfectly.

Enamel Box Flamingo

The Flamingo box: is for you who love fine and feminine details. Three styles combined with beautiful colored stones in orange and pink, as well as a mini Sparkling Shell with a fine pink enamel globe.

Enamel box Orange

Orange box: is a wonderful mix of orange and pink. A colorful mix that adds a feminine and elegant touch.

Enamel Box Pearl

Pearl box: is a beautiful and simple composition of the finest pearl, clear stones and a hoop with green enamel. The three styles give an elegant touch and are very timeless in its design.

Enamel Box Golden Drops

Golden Drops box: contains three elegant styles with details consisting of clear and light blue stones, as well as a beautiful pink enamel globe. The combination gives the most delicious look, perfect for any outfit.

Enamel Box Wavy

Wavy box: is for you who want a little extra - without it being too much. The composition of the three styles gives a delicious, raw and feminine expression. Perfect for spicing up any outfit.

When we asked our lovely customers on Instagram which favorite box you had, there was no doubt that Enamel Orange box was your favorite. Now we look forward to following and seeing what boxes sell best. As always, feel free to share on our A-Hjort Instagram or A-Hjort Facebook page. Remember to tag us with @ahjort