Enamel Copenhagen earrings

Beautiful and unique earrings with a touch of colorful enamels. Enamel Copenhagen both produces simple ear studs and large colorful statement earrings. Common is that they are super trendy and can be easily mixed with other delicious jewelry brands. Enamel Copenhagen makes the finest ear studs, earrings, hoops and earchains in high quality with a twist of a coloring enamel or beautiful details.

Enamel Copenhagen

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Earrings from Enamel Copenhagen in all shapes and sizes

Enamel Copenhagen earrings have a playful and beautiful design with the most whimsical and creative designs. You can be absolutely sure to find jewelry for the ears, whether it is small fine earrings, chain earrings with beautiful pearls or classic hoops with small stones. At A-Hjort, we sell a full selection of Enamel so you can easily find the earrings in silver or gold that you are looking for.

With earrings from Enamel Copenhagen, you can be absolutely sure of being able to create a beautiful earring mix. Most of Enamel Copenhagen's hoops are available in several different sizes, so there is something for everyone. Whether you are for the very small and fine hoops that circle closely around the earlobe or if you are more for large hoops that decorate nicely on the face - then you have come to the right 

Women with different preferences

Enamel Copenhagen has adapted to the fact that women have different desires when it comes to gold or silver. (Are you a gold girl or a silver girl, then you can see more inspiration by clicking on the two links) Therefore, Enamel Copenhagen has taken the absolute best-selling styles and produced a silver variant similar to the golded one. This means that whether you are into silver or gold, Enamel has a piece of jewelery that suits you in high quality.

The most beautiful enamel details on earrings, hoops and earchains

One of the things that resonates with all the jewelry from ENAMEL is the beautiful enamel designs. On the majority of earrings from Enamel Copenhagen, you will find beautiful enamel designs on bracelets from Enamel Copenhagen and necklaces from Enamel Copenhagen. The cute enamel balls give each outfit a completely unique touch. The characteristics with the touch of colorful enamel on Enamel jewelry makes it easy for you to put together different jewelry from all Enamel Copenhagen collections, but they can also be easily mixed up with the other popular designer brands such as jewelry from Maanesten, Pico, Sistie, Carré or A-Hjort.

If you want to find Enamel Copenhagen earrings on offer, you can take a look at our online outlet where you may be lucky to find a pair at a discount.