Sistie rings

When you buy a finger ring from Sistie, you are guaranteed an expressive and eye-catching ring that people will look at admiringly. There are no limits on how many different looks you can create with Sistie rings, and we absolutely love all the feminine ways to beautify yourself with rings from Sistie.


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Statement rings from Sistie

Finger rings from Sistie open up the possibility of creating a completely exclusive ring look. All Sistie rings each have their unique expression with a very special design on the front of the ring, and you can therefore say that rings from Sistie are real statement rings. You will also find many typical statement rings from A-Hjort, Maanesten, Pernille Corydon, Izabel Camille, Carré and STINE A. Especially Enamel Copenhagen makes several very cute rings with simple stones and beautiful organic shapes that suit rings from Sistie.

Mix and match Sistie rings with other Sistie jewelry

The majority of Sistie rings are designed through jewelry collabs between Sistie and cool, Danish girls, bloggers and influencers, and therefore the rings have the same details and themes as the other jewelry in the various collections. For example, the jewelry collaborators, Mia x Sistie and Melissa Bentsen x Sistie, both have a beautiful theme with organic shapes and a focus on the “perfect imperfect” in their rings and other jewelry. The collaboration, Anna Briand x Sistie, focuses on small cute pineapple icons on their ring and other jewelry, the rings from Olivia Dahl x Sistie are decorated with a shining sun, Silke Kristensen x Sistie rings circles around the fine, fragile and not least raw as also found with us girls and women.

You can also shop other jewelry from Sistie. See our Sistie bracelets, Sistie earrings, Sistie ankle chains, Sistie necklaces and Sistie pendants.

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