Sistie earrings

At A-Hjort we sell all the fantastic jewellery from the new jewellery brand Sistie! Cool, unique, feminine and modern are some of the words that best describe Sistie earrings and jewelery universes. Sistie jewellery is incredibly beautiful, unique and feminine and they can be bought at a reasonable price. When you buy earrings from Sistie you buy high quality in a beautiful and timeless design with beautiful feminine and romantic tones. See all the earrings below - and really enjoy mixing your very own favorites. If you want to add some extra jewellery to your new earrings, you can also see the selection of Sistie Rings here, or Sistie Bracelets here. You can also see the full range of Sistie jewellery here.

If you are looking for creative and youthful earrings, then Sistie earrings are the perfect ones for you! Sistie focuses on designing earrings, ear studs and earrings that remind you of being young as well as all the dreams and challenges that come with it. Take a look at the very unique and cool designs and find your earrings from Sistie here!

Mix and match with earrings from Sistie collabs

Sistie designs the most creative earrings - both for you who likes gold jewelry and you who are more into silver jewelry. In Sistie's delicious jewelry collabs you will find beautiful earrings with different designs but with the same consistent theme. This also means that the different jewelry collabs have earrings that are reminiscent of each other, and in this way you can easily mix and match your different Sistie earrings and still maintain a beautiful and stylish jewelry look. For example, the jewelry collaborations, Mia x Sistie and Melissa Bentsen x Sistie, both have a beautiful theme with organic shapes and a focus on the “perfect imperfect” in their earrings. The collaboration, Anna Briand x Sistie, focuses on small cute pineapple icons on their earrings, the earrings from Olivia Dahl x Sistie are decorated with a shining sun, Silke Kristensen x Sistie earrings circles around the fine, fragile and not least raw which is found in all women and girls. 

All earrings from the different collabs / collaborations with cool, Danish girls and influencers have the same details, so if you have several holes in the ears, it is so cool to mix all the earrings with each other. If you would rather combine your very own unique jewelry look with several different jewelry brands, we recommend that you look at earrings from Maanesten, earrings from Izabel Camille, earrings from Stine A or earrings from Enamel Copenhagen.

Sistie earrings as a gift?

Almost all young girls like Sistie earrings, because they are designed by "girls with power", and therefore earrings from Sistie are also perfect to give as a gift to your girlfriends. Prices for Sistie jewelry are also affordable, so if you need to come up with a gift for the confirmand, a gift for Valentine's Day or gifts for Christmas, it's a hit now. Once you have found the perfect earrings from Sistie as a gift, we will pack the jewelery for you free of charge and send it to a store near you or directly to your home address.

You can also shop all the other popular jewelry from Sistie. See our Sistie rings, Sistie bracelets, Sistie ankle chains, Sistie necklaces and Sistie pendants.

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