Sistie bracelets

Sistie bracelets are the perfect ones for you who love fine details on your bracelets. Sistie is very focused in designing bracelets that remind you of being young as well as all the dreams and challenges that come with it. Take a look at all the very unique and cool bracelet designs from Sistie.

Combine Sistie Bracelets with other bracelets

The good thing about bracelets is that you can hardly wear too many at once. Sistie offers many good offers for bracelets, which can be worn alone or combined with several bracelets. Maybe you are the type who would rather put together your very own unique bracelet look with several different jewelry brands? Then you can find inspiration with bracelets from Maanesten, bracelets from A-Hjort, bracelets from Carré, bracelets from Pernille Corydon, bracelets from Izabel Camille, bracelets from STINE A or bracelets from Enamel Copenhagen.

Sistie takes care of the environment

All Sistie bracelets and other jewelry from Sistie are made of 925 sterling silver, which is 100% recycled silver. The gold-plated bracelets from Sistie are plated with 18 carat gold, and the silver bracelets are rhodium-plated. Sistie takes care of the environment by reusing their materials and melting silver from older jewelery, so that you do not steal from nature every time jewelery from Sistie has to be made. The jewelery is nickel-free, so you can safely buy your next piece of jewelery from Sistie without having to worry about allergies.

You can also shop other jewelry from Sistie. See our Sistie rings, Sistie earrings, Sistie ankle chains, Sistie necklaces and Sistie pendants.

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