Sistie ankle chains

A-Hjort sells all the creative and youthful ankle chains from Sistie. The ankle chains remind us of happy summer days and dancing in bare toes in the green grass or the warm sand. Sistie's ankle chains are perfect for you who love to decorate your body with unique and beautiful details. Feel free to mix and match an ankle chain from Sistie with an ankle chain from Pernille Corydon, if you want to create a completely unique look.


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We can not help but highlight the beautiful ankle chains from Sistie, we are simply absolutely crazy about them! Find the next chain for the ankle from Sistie - in other words, your next perfect summer piece of jewelery for your bare legs or sneaks.

Ankle chains Sistie, the perfect summer accessory

There is no combination more beautiful than a colorful, fluttering summer dress, sandals, nail polish on the toes, a summer tan and beautiful, shiny ankle chains. An ankle chain from Sistie can refresh your look and is the perfect summer accessory. So, if you already like to adorn yourself with jewelry, we can guarantee you that you will also love the ankle chains from Sistie.

Do you dare to go with ankle chains outside on socks?

One trend we are seeing in the fashion scene is to add an ankle chain on colorful socks. Maybe you are skeptical from the start, but give it a try! Find your favorite socks, hop in your sneakers and add a Sistie ankle chain on the outside of the socks.

Sistie takes care of the environment

All Sistie ankle chains and other jewelry from Sistie are made of 925 sterling silver, which is 100% recycled silver. The gold-plated chains from Sistie are plated with 18 carat gold, and the silver ankle chains are rhodium-plated. Sistie takes care of the environment by reusing their materials and melting silver from older jewelery, so that you do not steal from nature every time new jewelery from Sistie has to be made. The jewelery is nickel-free, so you can safely buy your next piece of jewelery from Sistie without having to worry about allergies.

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