Pico necklaces

Pico Copenhagen necklaces are very trendy and eye-catching. A Pico necklace is great to mix with some other necklaces from other Danish jewelry brands to get a personal and delicious jewelry look. The Pico catalog also offers rings, bracelets, earrings and accessories. See the different jewelry from PICO here.


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Simple and cute necklaces from Pico

At A-Hjort you can find the simplest and finest Pico necklaces and get free shipping and gift wrapping on your order. Necklaces from PICO are simple and fine - and can easily be combined with other necklaces to get a more complicated and personal necklace look.

Necklaces in silver and gold plated

Pico necklaces are available in both gold and silver colors. You can easily mix the different gold jewelry with silver jewelry or just wear them separately. Necklaces from Pico are also super nice on the outside of a classic turtleneck to highlight the beautiful gold or silver colored necklace. The necklaces are also really nice to wear for a v-shaped, slightly lowered t-shirt to give the jewelry extra focus.

Mix and match necklaces across jewelry brands

It can be a really good idea to combine several necklaces together across jewelry design and jewelry brand. It is not that difficult to mix necklaces from Pico Copenhagen with other necklaces because there are so many different lengths, styles and materials for necklaces. For example, you can find a longer chain from Enamel Copenhagen, Izabel Camille, STINE A or Maanesten to put together with a shorter chain from Pico. You can also put together a colorful necklace from A-Hjort, Carré, Sistie or Pernille Corydon with a statement necklace from Pico.

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