Pico earrings

Pico Copenhagen earrings are absolutely perfect for you who love colors and creative jewelry designs. Whether you are looking for a shiny earring, an earring with colorful stones, or a twisted creole earring. Earrings from PICO are characterized by timeless and unique designs - a wonderland of jewelry at affordable prices.

The unique Pico Copenhagen earrings

A-Hjort has a completely unique selection of the best and most characteristic earrings from Pico. The earrings from PICO are carefully selected, and therefore we can also guarantee you that our Pico Copenhagen earrings are jewelery, we ourselves love to wear and mix with the other Danish jewelery designers and jewelery from their various collections.

A sea of ​​beautiful creole earrings

There is a sea of ​​creative, remarkable and unique creole earrings from PICO. A creole or a hoop earring is an earring that has a round shape. It might sound like a very simple design, but Pico manages to create absolutely fantastic styles within creoles, and you can find both large creoles, small creoles, thin and thick creoles. There are also creoles with stones in several colors, creoles with pearls, and creoles with twists. The absolutely classic earring creole, Pico Copenhagen is known for, is the popular Africa Creol earring, which many young girls in particular have become completely crazy about wearing in recent years. The Africa creole has a hammered, twisted design and is available in both a gold and silver variant. A real favorite!

Mix your Pico earrings with hoops, ear studs or earrings

We love to combine several pieces of jewelry together across jewelry designs and jewelry brands. Earrings are jewelry that appear most clearly on your face when you wear them. Therefore, earrings are a gorgeous piece of jewelry that you can use to express your style. Pico Copenhagen earrings can be mixed with all other kinds of earrings to get the most unique and personal jewelry look. For example, you can find a longer chain earring from Enamel Copenhagen, Izabel Camille, STINE A or Maanesten to put together with a hoop earring from Pico. You can also put together a creole from Pico with a hoop earring from A-Hjort, Carré, Sistie or Pernille Corydon.

Pico Copenhagen earrings for festive events

You can mix and match your Pico earrings just as you want depending on whether you are going to work, to a cafe, to a party or something completely different. Especially for larger events such as confirmations, big birthday parties, weddings, Christmas and graduation parties, it is extra fun and exciting to express yourself with beautiful earrings. All of these festivities are also typically events where jewelry is the perfect gift to bring. At the A-Hjort shop you can find both gold jewelery and silver jewelery, so that everyone can be pampered with their favorite piece of jewelery.

If you want to find Pico Copenhagen earrings on sale, you can look in our online outlet, where you can find cheap jewelry at a discount.