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Pernille Corydon’s rings are truly unique and in a class of their own. Each ring is special and unique. Wearing several rings at the same time is a trend that is spreading throughout the fashion world. There are no limits to the number, and no rules as to which finger or hand they should be worn on. This gives the freedom to create your own personal style. For example, have one ring on your little finger, 2 to 3 rings on your ringfinger (possibly in different materials) and place a ring on the outermost joint of one of your fingers. Put a ring on your thumb or index finger. This trend, allows for untold combinations. The more the variety, the more interesting and personal the look.

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Combine all your Pernille Corydon rings 

Pernille Corydon's rings are incredibly easy to combine crosswise, and just the way you want it. In recent years, it has become very popular to have rings on almost all fingers, including the little finger and thumb. With Pernille Corydon's rings, you have ample opportunity to put together many different rings, as she has a large selection of both simple, small rings and distinctive, large rings. You can also easily combine Pernille Corydon rings with other jewelry brands such as rings from Maanesten and Carré. At A-Hjort, we love to combine different finger rings to give a unique look to your fingers. If you want more inspiration to put together Corydon's rings crosswise, you can find more inspiration on our Facebook and our Instagram, where we have a lot of jewelry pictures of different mixes.

Pernille Corydon calls for all finger sizes

One of the great features of Pernille Corydon rings is that there are rings for all finger sizes. Many of the Corydon rings are adjustable, which means that you can adjust the size of the ring yourself, so that it can fit your finger perfectly. The adjustable function is also used so that you can switch between which finger you want the ring on. This means that when you buy an adjustable ring from Pernille Corydon for your ring finger, for example, you can actually use it for your middle finger as well. If the ring is not adjustable, she luckily makes rings in many sizes, ranging from sizes 50-57. And at A-Hjort we have all sizes. If you want to see more of the universe from Pernille Corydon, then we would also recommend that you take a look at the beautiful earrings from Pernille Corydon that can spice up any outfit. The same goes for the timeless Pernille Corydon jewelry sets that can give you a complete look. If you are just completely in love with Pernille Corydon's designs, just like us at A-Hjort, then take a look at the entire selection of Pernille Corydon Jewelry.