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Feminine, graceful, unique, stylish, timeless and raw are the words that best describe Pernille Corydon’s earrings. In the different collections she manages to create different styles and trends. Contrasts such as raw and romantic, feminine and rustic are presented in the finest way in her beautiful earrings. Earrings and earstuds are available in both large and small sizes.

Pernille Corydon

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Timeless earrings from Pernille Corydon

One of the best things about Pernille Corydon's jewelry and especially her earrings is that they are timeless. You can have them for several years and they will remain trendy. Pernille Corydon has a special talent in following fashion and knowing the trends of the time. In her various jewelry collections, she manages to create different styles. She likes to mix the feminine, graceful, unique with the raw and rustic. In general, Pernille Corydon is known for having timeless and stylish jewelry, so it is also easy to mix her earrings, with some of her beautiful necklaces, bracelets or rings.

Inspiration from all over the world

Pernille Corydon finds her inspiration from all over the world. She explores new cities and meets new people, and she loves to see the world from a new and different perspective. In her recent collections, she has received great inspiration from the countries and cities she has visited, including New York, London, Bangkok, Singapore, Barcelona, ​​Dublin, Iceland  and many other places. This is clearly expressed in her many beautiful earrings, where she mixes the Scandinavian simplicity with unique details, shapes and surfaces. Pernille Corydon makes classic earrings, but with a twist of the many details and shapes inspired by other cultures. Take a look at the entire collection with all the graceful jewelry from Pernille Corydon. You can get Pernille Corydon earrings, hoops and ear sticks in both small and larger models.