Maanesten necklaces

Beautiful super cool and feminine necklaces! You will find the most delicious and super cool necklaces from Maanesten. We have selected their super cool statement pieces that will last season after season in high quality and with a unique and timeless design.


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An organic and oriental expression

Many of Maanesten's necklaces often have a very organic and oriental look. Especially many of the chains' pendants have the most beautiful organic surfaces, which forms an incredible motif. The pendants are either designed with beautiful colorful zircons, or a unique and detailed floral motif. The many beautiful pendants on the chains range from fine freshwater pearls and sparkling stones to pendants inspired by the diversity of the sea. Feel free to mix the beautiful necklaces with a pair of matching earrings, or bracelets from Maanesten.

Delicious chains - long and short

Maanesten has a special talent in making the finest short chains of 41-45 cm, which fit close to the neck, like a choker, and give a luxurious look. The chains can either be worn alone, or styled with other fine chains, for example from A-Hjort or Enamel Copenhagen. To create a delicious look, you can combine the short, delicate chain with some of the longer chains from Maanesten. Many of the chains have either an incredibly beautiful, thin, twisted chain, where some of the other necklaces have a more chunky chain, which also gives an incredibly cool look.

Statement necklaces from Maanesten

Maanesten makes some of the most beautiful and cool statement necklaces that can be worn alone or put together with other simpler chains. The many beautiful statement necklaces from Maanesten can help to highlight your unique personality in your jewelry choice. Many of the necklaces have a granular texture, which is inspired by the onslaught of the seabed. The necklaces are both chunky, but at the same time incredibly elegant and feminine. It is the finest combination that Maanesten always manages to hit perfectly. So if you are looking for a delicious necklace that attracts attention, then Maanesten is the obvious choice to find the perfect statement necklace. You can also find a fine bracelet from Maanesten, which fits your new beautiful statement necklace.