Maanesten bracelets

Maanesten bracelets are filled with delicious details and beautiful colors. Mix them together - or mix them with other of your favorite brands. Maanesten characteristics are their really good prices and very high quality.


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Pearls in all colors

If you love pearls, Maanesten's bracelets are for you. Maanesten makes the most beautiful bracelets with pearls in many colors. For example, they make the finest mix of both red garnet, green onyx, pink opal and freshwater pearls. To complete your beautiful pearl look, Maanesten makes both earrings and necklaces with the finest pearl mix in beautiful colors. If you are lucky, you might also find a matching pearl necklace for your fine pearl bracelet. For more inspiration, you can of course also always see our large selection of bracelets right here.

Chunky, cute and feminine

The Mannesten is great for making a beautiful and unique design. They manage to combine a chunky expression with a fine and feminine look. Many of the bracelets have a chunky chain and are filled with different, fine and feminine pendants. The various pendants on the bracelets give an incredibly bold look. Maanesten combines i.a. a chunky charm bracelet with hammered surfaces, glittering stones and beautiful and elegant pendants with various motifs, which for example could be inspired by the diversity of the sea. With Maanesten's bracelets, you can easily mix and match each other, see also Maanesten accessories here.

Hammered surfaces

Maanesten makes the finest jewelry with a beaten or hammered attack. Many of the bracelets have many detailed amulets with different textures, either wavy coins or antique motifs. It gives the finest oriental and organic expression. Their unique and detailed expression in the jewelry can help to create personality in your collection of jewelry. If you want to find more inspiration, you can always check out our Instagram here and Youtube, where we regularly post new beautiful jewelry pictures. See all Mannesten jewelry here.