Maanesten accessories

Delicious, colourful and trendy styles! Maanesten makes the most delicious, colourful and patterned headband, which right now are the hottest accessories in the fashion world. You can put them both outside of your hair or under the hair. The fine hair elastics are also a must have and can be used as elastic hairband or as a bracelet around the wrist.

Create a nice summer look with your hair accessories.

You can now create the finest summer look with the various hair accessories from Maanesten. Maanesten has already had great success with all their new accessories. Among other things, they make the finest hair clips with a beautiful and detailed flower motif, which adds a touch of summer memories to your look. In addition, you can also get the cutest scrunchies in the finest bright summer colors. You can also mix your hair accessories from Maanesten with other beautiful and elegant accessories from Pico or Plissé accessories. To create a gorgeous look with your beautiful hair accessories, you can give it a little extra with a pair of incredibly gorgeous sunglasses from Pilgrim. Mix also accessories with a beautiful ring from Maanesten.

Beautiful and sparkling accessories

At Maanesten you will find the finest accessories - they are adventurous and full of sparkling details. Many of the hair clips are filled with beautiful rhinestones in different colors, or fine flowers in different sizes. You can e.g. also buy beautiful hair elastics, which are inspired by the clouds in the sky and which also give an adventurous look. The many hair accessories give you the opportunity to create a different but well-thought-out look. In addition, they are also perfect for sprucing up the hairstyle. All Maanesten's hair clips are handmade and every single detail is neatly placed by skilled craftsmen. There are so many beautiful accessories that can be an extra little addition to your outfit.