Izabel Camille pendants

Beautiful pendants with gemstones and colours! As an Izabel Camille girl, you always have one or more of their beautiful earrings and base Anchor or Facet Ball chains in one or more different lengths, which you can choose to complement with new pendants depending on season, fashion or even mood. You can create your own looks exactly as you like. A-Hjort sells all of Izabel Camilles necklaces, earrings and pendants - so you only need to shop here. See all pendants below - and really enjoy mixing your own favorites.

Buy the popular pendants from Izabel Camille that you can add to your bracelet, your necklace or your earrings - in orther words, add pendants to all jewlery that are missing the last detail of your personal look!

Mix jewelry with pendants from Izabel Camille

It is super fun and easy to style bracelets, ankle chains, necklaces and earrings with pendants. All you have to do is find your favorite piece of jewelry and put on a beautiful Izabel Camille pendant. As we mentioned before, pendants are a very easy piece of jewelry  to use, because a pendant can help any piece of jewelry to add extra creativity and personality to your look.

Give an Izabel Camille pendant as a gift

You are free to mix your jewelry as you would like. Especially when it comes to pendants! You can decorate yourself with pendants in many different ways. Gifts bring joy and pendants can be used by everyone, so a pendant from Izabel Camille can be a good gift for the confirmand, Mother's Day, Christmas Eve or Valentine's Day.

At A-Hjort, we strongly want your jewelery order to be the perfect gift. When you buy a gift from A-Hjort, it is therefore easy and convenient for you to pass the gift on to the one you care about. We put the pendant in the original jewelery box and a cute and free A-Hjort gift box. You always have the option of writing a personal card to the recipient, which we enclose with the gift when it is sent. In addition, we deliver your gift quickly and for free to the place you want. As mentioned earlier - buying gifts online should be very simple and straightforward! Read more about the specific terms here.

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