Enamel Copenhagen rings

Simple and feminine rings with a twist of colorful details and beautiful stones. Finger rings from Enamel Copenhagen are raw and feminine at the same time, and their shapes are completely unique. At A-Hjort, we sell the full selection of Enamel Copenhagen - so you can always find all their rings in high quality and at good prices with us.

Enamel Copenhagen

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Mix and match with the popular finger rings from Danish designer brands

There is nothing better than mixing different rings with each other. If you want to mix your finger rings, there are lots of options: you can wear a simple ring with beautiful stones on your index finger, middle finger and ring finger. You can also choose to mix one very simple ring with another ring with greater volume and more power. Of course, you can also go all in and wear several different statement rings at the same time. Everything is allowed - it is only the imagination that sets the limits. Mix of rings across the popular designer brands are very trendy. Enamel Copenhagen has some cool details in their rings that can easily complement the other designer brands really well. You can for sure find one or more delicious rings from Maanesten, A-Hjort, Sistie, Carré, Pico or Pernille Corydon that fit your Enamel Copenhagen ring or personal style.

Rings from Enamel Copenhagen - simple and beautiful details

The focal point for Enamel Copenhagen rings is simplicity and detail. It is especially the detail for the hammer knocked surfaces, the simplicity of the narrow lines and the beautiful stones that make Enamel Copenhagen rings completely unique.

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