Enamel Copenhagen necklaces

At A-Hjort, we sell all the beautiful and delicious necklaces from Enamel Copenhagen in a feminine design. Enamel is especially known for their beautiful enamel pendants and colorful details! With a necklace from Enamel, you can be absolutely sure that you have a necklace that can be worn season after season. The beautiful designs are in high quality and at good prices - and then they can even be easily used with necklaces from other popular designer brands.

Enamel Copenhagen

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Enamel Copenhagen - Chains for every taste

Necklaces will never go out of fashion and there is nothing like a necklace in gold or silver, which with its beautiful chain design falls nicely and feminine down the neck. At Enamel Copenhagen you can often find the simple and thin chains, which can both stand alone or be worn with a cute pendant. These chains can easily be combined with beautiful chains from Carré jewelry, Izabel Camille, Pernille Corydon or A-Hjort.

In recent years, Enamel Copenhagen has engaged in a test of launching thicker statement chains that draw more attention.These give an unique and daring expression that is especially up to date! These chains are reminiscent of the expression on the chains from the other popular brands such as: necklaces from Maanesten, necklaces from STINE A Jewelry and necklaces from Sistie.

Give your necklace your completely personal look

You can easily make your necklace from Enamel Copenhagen your very own! See all the cute and colorful pendants that we sell at A-Hjort. Among these, you can find your favorite and add it to your favorite chain. Among our pendants you will find gold, silver, precious stones, colorful pearls and pastel colors.

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