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Jewelry is the perfect accessory when you want to express your personality and unique style. A-Hjort has the perfect jewelry for you, whoever you are. In the webshop we constantly receive new and lasting designer jewelry at A-Hjort. Explore the latest collections and find inspiration for your next piece of jewelry.


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A-Hjort is a wonderland when it comes to jewelry. You will find collections from the hottest Danish jewelery brands at A-Hjort. We make sure to have the latest collections from the fashion industry. Our wide range of brands means that we have a large assortment of different types of designs in the collections. We want to make life more beautiful and more fun when we hit the year's four seasons. We are always Up-To-Date on the latest jewelery collections. At A-Hjort, we help create your own unique and personal look with new jewelry.

A-Hjort sell jewelery brands like Maanesten, Pernille Corydon, Enamel Copenhagen, Izabel Camille, STINE A Jewelry, Sistie, Pico - and more!

Find your personal style among all the news!

At A-Hjort, you have the opportunity to find all the most delicious news at all the popular Danish jewelery brands, so you can easily put together and express your own unique and personal style. Our selection of delicious brands creates the framework for the latest trends in the market, where you can mix and match exactly to your needs. Whether it should be classic jewelry or more trendy jewelry, we have jewelry for you. Find inspiration and explore your own personal style at A-Hjort's webshop.

When you shop at A-Hjort's webshop, we always make sure to give you the best shopping experience. We always have the latest jewelry collections from the popular brands. We also make sure that you can shop the jewelry news the same day as they launch. Therefore, follow us on Instagram, Facebook or sign up for our newsletter, and we will make sure that you are notified as soon as the new jewelry collections hit the market.

The four seasons in the jewelry industry

Every year, four different collections are published, corresponding to the four seasons that the year offers. At A-Hjort, we are always updated and ready with the new collections of jewelery on the same day as our jewelery brands launch them. Below you can find an overview of the four seasons.

Spring- Summer collection

The first jewelry collection of the year is called Spring-summer. This season provides motivation and well-being. Spring is often associated with Mother's Day, Confirmations, Graduation Parties and other unique experiences to be created. In this category you will therefore find beautiful spring-summer jewelry that makes you dream and yearn for wonderful experiences in nature with social events, fresh air, sun and happy days.

Take a look at all the Spring / Summer news right here!

Summer Collection | High Summer

Summer is the highlight of the year. In summer time we go to the beach, to concerts or visit places where we can enjoy the good weather and time together. Jewelry fits perfectly with a lovely look in the sunny days of the summer and long nights. We definitely have a piece of jewelery for you from the beautiful summer collections.

See the summer collection here: High - Summer

Autumn collection | Autumn - Winter.

Autumn approaches and the leaves of the trees change color. The summer dresses are switched out with warmer clothes and nature calls on long walks. The autumn's raw, soft, edged and at the same time elegant expressions inspire the season's collection and A-Hjort invite you within a large selection of autumn jewelry.

See the autumn collection here: Autumn - Winter