Carré pendants

Here you will find the absolute most beautiful gemstone pendants from Carré Jewelery. Maybe you have a bracelet, a necklace or a pair of earrings in mind that need the final “touch” before your jewelry look is complete. Pendants from Carré Copenhagen express exclusivity and give a sumptuous and prominent design.

Style your necklaces, bracelets, ankle chains or earrings with Carré pendants

We love that there are SO many ways to style jewelry. Particularly simple necklaces, ankle chains and bracelets are ingenious to decorate with fine pendants from Carré, because a pendant does not "disturb" the chain's original design but simply highlights and adds extra elegance and creativity. The simplest and perfect chains to add a pendant to, you will find at Enamel Copenhagen, Pernille Corydon and A-Hjort, among others.

Another idea for how you can use pendants is by adding them to hoops or creole earrings where it is possible to hang extra embellishments on. In this way, pendants from Carré can help to give your earrings a completely different look on the days when you want something more creative. Both earrings from Pico, Enamel Copenhagen, Maanesten, Pernille Corydon, Sistie, Izabel Camille, A-Hjort, STINE A Jewelry and Carré Jewelery themselves have designed hoops and creoles that you can decorate with pendants from Carré Jewelery.

Pendant from Carré Jewelery Copenhagen as the perfect gift

It is without a doubt a perfect gift to give a pendant to someone you care about. Pendants are the jewelry that opens up for creativity and free frameworks because one can decorate jewelry with them in a thousand of ways. Possibly buy one of the beautiful Carré pendants as a gift for a friend to be confirmed, as the confirmand will most likely receive other jewelry as a gift that she can mix with the pendant. You can also give a pendant from Carré as a Valentine's gift, which can symbolize the love you have for the other person. You can also shop for other unique jewelry from Carré Jewelery, no matter what occasion you are facing. See our range of popular Carré necklaces, Carré rings, Carré earrings or Carré bracelets.

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