Carré necklaces

At A-Hjort you will find an unique selection of necklaces in gold-plated sterling silver, which can be decorated with different and beautiful gemstones and pearls. See here our beautiful selection of necklaces from Carré Copenhagen Jewelery! Maybe you find a necklace that matches your personal style?


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Simple Carré Copenhagen Jewelery

Carré makes simple necklaces that are not adorned with additional gemstones and pearls. These types of chains are cute and are most often found as an anchor chain. The very simple necklaces are reminiscent of the necklaces from A-Hjort and are perfect if you have a pendant from Carré or another pendant from A-Hjort to attach to the chain. This way you can choose how you want to express yourself with a necklace from Carré - whether you want to add a shiny stone or a beautiful flower from Izabel Camille, an enamel colored charm from Enamel Copenhagen or a creative and youthful pendant from Sistie.

Necklaces with soul from Carré Copenhagen Jewelery

However, Carré has also designed necklaces with pearls and gemstones in all colors since 1991. These necklaces are an important part of Carré's brand. Whether you like the simple necklaces, or necklaces with soul and sparkling gemstones, then chains are perfect to put together with each other. At A-Hjort, we believe that you can mix and match all your jewelry from different jewelry brands, and therefore we would also recommend that you unfold your creativity and match one of Carré's beautiful necklaces with other necklaces, for example the chains from Maanesten, Stine A, Enamel copenhagen, Pernille Corydon, A-Hjort, Sistie, Izabel Camille etc.

Necklaces from Carré Jewelery as a gift?

It is great to have several of necklaces, as it looks super beautiful when necklaces hang in different lengths - for example, very close to the neck, under your collarbones and further down the chest. If you need a necklace as a gift, the beautiful Carre necklaces in gold-plated sterling silver are a perfect choice. We are happy to wrap the necklace with free gift wrapping and send your gift directly to the person you want to pamper with a gift.

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