Carré earrings

Carré jewelry consists of the finest gemstones and the most beautiful, feminine designs. Earrings from Carré Jewelery are inspired by the antique and the mysterious designs of the East, which is expressed through the most beautiful colored gemstones that are part of the designs in the earrings. Carré earrings are also characterized by the small delicious details such as the unique cuts and small edges around the gemstones. Find both simple earrings from Carré, classic earrings and hoops as well as the more festive and glamorous Carré earrings online at A-Hjort.

Unique selection of Carré Jewelery earrings

At A-Hjort, we have carefully selected the absolutely most beautiful and elegant earrings from Carré Copenhagen. Therefore, you as a customer are also guaranteed that Carre earrings can be mixed and matched with all other earrings from Danish jewelry brands, because the earrings fit with the rest of our delicious jewelry selection.

Gemstone in earrings from Carré

In Carre's selection of earrings in gold and silver, gemstones play a significant role, and you see a lot of gemstones in several colors and shapes. As Carré themself writes, gemstones are one of nature's many wonders because they are created under enormous pressure between mountains and rocks. We are so crazy about earrings that match the colors in your eyes because the gemstones in Carré's earrings have super beautiful and natural shades. You can possibly choose an earring with a blue topaz gemstone if you have blue shades in your eyes. If you have brown eyes, the golden citrine gemstones or smoky quartz earrings are perfect for you. The "auspicious" gemstone Aventurine or the beautiful peridot gemstone suits you super beautifully with green eyes.

Mix and match with your favorite earrings, hoops and ear studs

Many people are happy to mix between a wide range of earrings and wear exactly the earrings that best suit a particular outfit or special occasion. Carré earrings are especially good for you who love to look elegant and feminine on a daily basis or for you who lack the perfect and sophisticated earrings for a festive event such as confirmation, Christmas Eve or Valentine's Day. To create a lighter look, you can mix Carré earrings with earrings from Pernille Corydon, Maanesten and earrings from Enamel Copenhagen. If you want to go “all in” on the elegant and approximately royal look, we can definitely recommend mixing earrings from Carre Jewelery with Izabel Camille jewelry.

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