Carré bracelets

Playful combinations of colorful bracelets with gemstones are just what Carre bracelets are. Like all other jewelery from Carré Jewelery Copenhagen, their bracelets are executed in quality and design. See here our wonderful selection of bracelets from Carré! Maybe you find a bracelet that matches your style?

Mix and match with bracelets from Carré Jewelery

The good thing about bracelets from Carre is that their designs are so unique that they can easily sit alone on the wrist, and you do not need a lot of other bracelets to get a complete look. Carré loves to decorate their bracelets with beautiful details - and they are not afraid to combine gemstones in different colors and shapes.

When you want to mix Carré bracelets with other bracelets from Danish jewelery brands, you can look for simpler bracelets. Maanesten, for example, are skilled at designing chains with creative patterns, twisted chains, double-chain bracelets and elegant details when the bracelet closes.

If you need inspiration on how to mix your bracelets from Carré, we can definitely recommend taking a look at our A-Hjort Instagram or Facebook, where we love to upload pictures of bracelets mix with a lot of different bracelets from different brands.

Carré Jewelery bracelet to suit the occasion

Bracelets typically help to express your personal style and mood, and it can therefore be different what you like to wear for everyday and what you want to wear of jewelry for festive events. Wear a simple Carré bracelet with one gemstone for everyday when you do not need to shine so much through. Add another piece of jewelry such as a simple necklace that fits the bracelet or a ring on the index finger. For example, if you are going to a confirmation, are graduating, have to celebrate a big birthday or Christmas Eve, the Carré bracelets with the many pearls and colors are obvious to wear on your wrist.

You can also shop other jewelry from Carré Jewelery. See our Carré rings, Carré earrings, Carré pendants or Carré necklaces.

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