Unique A-Hjort jewelry boxes

A-Hjort has created a number of completely unique jewelry boxes that you can buy exclusively at A-Hjort. The sale of the jewelry mixes starts on Black Friday, Friday 27 November 2020.

The unique jewelry mixes consist of 2-4 different jewelry from Maanesten, Enamel Copenhagen, Izabelle Camille, A-Hjort and others at an extra good price. You will always save at least 20% compared to if you would buy the jewelry individually.

You can see and read more about the unique jewelry mix boxes below - Anne will guide you through the choice of the best jewelry mix box for you. 

Anne explains...

When I first got the idea to create unique jewelry boxes with carefully selected personal favorite jewelry from different brands, I was busy as a start-up business owner and struggled with busyness- at the same time the A-Hjort website had an outdated and complicated back-end - so I had to postpone the dream.

But the dream was always in my mind and I wished to update the whole system in order to be able to welcome the jewelry boxes. It is therefore one of my big dreams for A-Hjort that has come true at the presentation of our very own uniquely selected jewelry boxes - and I sincerely hope you will like my personal favorite jewelry mix.

Below, I have selected my 5 absolute favorite boxes, but we have many more delicious jewelry mixes online, and they are all chosen carefully by me - personally based on what I think looks really nice together both for everyday and party, for colorful and less colorful days etc. I will continuously combine new unique jewelry mix sets so keep a close eye on the website!

I want to follow the trends of the time but also the change of seasons. All the boxes symbolize my great passion and love for jewelry.

I would love to hear and see what jewelry mix you have as your favorite. Feel free to share it on our A-Hjort Instagram or A-Hjort Facebook page. Remember to tag us with @ahjort.

Anne's Favorite Box 1: "Sunkissed"

In the jewelery box "Sunkissed" I want to highlight the colurs which draws one's dreams to beautiful summer evenings by the beach, champagne in the glass and colorful sunsets with his loved one in hand.

I have mixed the beautiful colorful Paloma earrings from Maanesten with the festive Zircons and Kiss bracelet from A-Hjort and the cooler and simpler Therese necklace from Pernille Corydon. A mix where all 4 jewelry put together is a complete beautiful set with earrings, necklace and bracelet. So beautiful jewelry together but each piece of jewelry can also easily be worn alone.

Anne's Favorite Box 2: "Pearly"

In the jewelry box "Pearly" I have focused on the colorful and playful universe that I absolutely love - all the colors in the jewelry fit perfectly together.

The Marina bracelet from Maanesten and the Alma Gemstone bracelet from A-Hjort are so nice next to each other on your wrist and are complimented super nice and feminine by the Lola Coral necklace from Enamel and the Anne necklace from A-Hjort, which lie so beautifully together around your throat.

Create lots of color here for your grey, black or white clothes. The "Pearly" jewelry set is also really beautiful for an army green dress or blouse.

Anne's favorite box 3: "Rainbow"

The jewelry set "Rainbow" is also a colorful mix. I can hardly get enough of colours, most of you have probably discovered over time :-)

This set is for the slightly smaller budget and an obvious birthday or Christmas gift too. The set is a super colorful mix of the Lola Rainbow bracelet from Enamel and one of my own favorite A-Hjort design Alma Charms bracelet, which is inspired by my daughter Alma. I also think the little butterflies and heart pendants so beautifully symbolize the inner child that is hidden in all of us.

Anne's favorite box 4: "Colors"

The jewelry set "Colors" is the perfect gift set for the girl with 2 holes in each ear. Insert A-Hjort Mini hoops into the lower holes and Maanesten’s Nubia Big Color creols into the upper holes. The 2 earring sets are so beautiful together and they are available in both a gold-plated and a silver variant.

Anne's favorite box 5: "Ocean Waves"

The “Ocean Waves” jewelry set is perfect for both everyday and party. It consists of the Paloma earrings from Maanesten and the Anne necklace from A-Hjort.

Perfect as a gift: a beautiful set of colorful and dreamy Maanesten earrings mixed with a feminine and simple necklace. 
The set is available for both the silver girl and the gold girl.