Meet Mikkel at A-Hjort jewelry

This month you will meet Mikkel Vestergaard who is our wonderful, talented and hardworking CEO. 

Mikkel is 25 years old and lives in Odense with his girlfriend Michelle. Besides working (a lot), he loves fitness and improving the SEO strategy at A-Hjort.
Mikkel is always super service minded and will do anything to help his customers find the best solution. He makes sure to help anyone at all times of the day and all days of the week - men in particular appreciate Mikkel's help in the last days leading up to Christmas.

Mikkel's favorite quote:

"Do it with passion - or do not do it at all"

Mikkel's favorite jewelry from A-Hjort:

Solid ring, Pernille Corydon
Solid bracelet, Pernille Corydon

Words from coworkers:

Mikkel is always happy, smiling and ready for a fun at the office. Besides, he loves cake :-)