Meet the employees at A-Hjort - Caroline

This month you will meet Caroline, who is our newest addition to the family. She is our new SoMe and Content Creator :-)

Caroline's daily tasks at A-Hjort consist primarily of creating content on our social media, as well as updating data behind the website. This involves, among other things product descriptions, creating new products, environmental images, etc.

Caroline enjoys training. In addition, she loves meeting her friends for a drink and a chat, or with her family for good food, games and socializing.

Caroline's favorite quote:

"Remember to live in the present, dream of the future and learn from the past" and "Most people are as happy as they decide to be"

Caroline's favorite jewelry from A-Hjort:

Uh, I have a weakness for Enamel Copenhagen, Maanesten rings and earrings from STINE A Jewelry! I love the organic shapes of Maanesten, and fantastic details. In addition, I absolutely love the refreshing colors, sweet details and fine designs from both STINE A Jewelry and Enamel Copenhagen.

The others in the office say:

Caroline is our always smiling content creator. She has a eye for mixing and matching jewelery from all the different brands at A-Hjort.

With Content from Caroline, you are guaranteed a lot of color both when it comes to images and texts. We absolutely love the cool vibe it gives. In addition, she loves rice crackers! Welcome to Caroline. :-)