About us

Anne Hjort is the founder and co-owner of A-Hjort. It all started at home in the basement of Anne and her husband, Anders, back in 2014.

Anne was on maternity leave and had long had the dream of starting a jewelry company with the opportunity to buy jewelry from several Danish brands - gathered in one place.
Starting own business was not far off, as Anne's husband Anders runs the web agency LAIT on a daily basis.

Anne went in search of Danish jewelry designers who wanted to be traded online, while her husband built an online webshop and then it went otherwise strongly.

The couple's basement was transformed into a small shop with a showroom and the daily operation of the webshop. At the driveway was a sign so customers could find their way to A-Hjort. Here, Anne herself was responsible for the entire management of A-Hjort, purchasing goods, the personal service, packing orders and photos for social media and the webshop.

Anne's great passion and sense of contemporary jewelery was the starting point for A-Hjort, and after a few years, A-Hjort was also present abroad. What was supposed to be a hobby project suddenly became a business and a way of life.

A-Hjort grew up and in 2018 Anne handed over her great passion to Mikkel who was to run the company further, with Anne on the sidelines. Mikkel is today director at A-Hjort and leads the company in the spirit in which it was created:

"It is important for me to be able to combine fashionable jewelry with present customer service and fast delivery, which is what A-Hjort is built around. I want to preserve the unique heart child A-Hjort is and run the business in the same footsteps''.
At A-Hjort, it should be possible for everyone to find and create their own personal expression, regardless of what style you are into. We focus particularly on having the best customer service on the market.

We hope that you will follow A-Hjort's universe and find inspiration for how you can combine different jewelery and what suits you best.