Sorelle Jewellery - New brand at A-Hjort

Welcome to Sorelle Jewellery

At A-Hjort, it's a special time when we unveil our brand-new collaboration with the jewelry brand Sorelle Jewellery, radiating with style and creativity. Camilla-Julie Skov Hansen and Trine Damborg, the founders of Sorelle Jewellery, have been shaping a jewelry business since 2019 with their deep love and passion for freshwater pearls.

These two dynamic entrepreneurs suddenly discovered a growing demand for authentic freshwater pearls, which they import and transform into elegant necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. These jewelry pieces are created and crafted by Sorelle Jewellery in their own workshop in Denmark.

Sorelle Jewellery in "Løvens Hule" - The Danish Version of Dragons' Den

Receiving five "no" answers is undoubtedly a challenging experience for entrepreneurs participating in the DR program "Løvens Hule," which is the Danish version of "Dragons' Den."

Perhaps you remember Sorelle Jewellery? They were one of the companies that participated in the seventh season of "Løvens Hule," where they ended up receiving 5 "no" answers from the Lions (the Danish equivalent of Dragons). However, that didn't mean that Trine and Camilla-Julie had to leave the program without an investment. Jacob Risgaard suddenly rose from his chair and offered the two entrepreneurs an investment, after first uttering the well-known words, "I withdraw," which left Camilla Julie and Trine a bit confused at the time.

They did, however, secure an investment of 100,000 Danish kroner, as they had hoped, with Jacob Risgaard's investment.

Let your style flourish with Sorelle Jewellery

Get ready to be enchanted by a world of exquisite jewelry that will not only enhance your personal expression but also add sublime elegance to your wardrobe. Sorelle Jewellery is dedicated to creating intricate jewelry that goes beyond the ordinary and adds a touch of magic to your style.

Step into their enchanting world of jewelry, where every pearl and gemstone is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and beauty. Let us together open our arms and welcome Sorelle Jewellery. We believe that jewelry is more than just accessories; they are a reflection of your personality and history.

So, be inspired by Sorelle Jewellery, and let your style flourish.