Silver jewelry at A-Hjort - shop a huge selection of delicious silver jewelry

A lot of people text me that they would like to see more silver jewelry and more jewelry mixes with silver, and I definitely believe that silver is on its way to become more popular.

We typically experience a sale of up to 90% gold-plated jewelry against only 10% silver jewelry, but since the end of 2019 something has changed, and the numbers are moving so silver jewelry sales increase sharply - especially among the very young.

One of the reasons I think must be found in what signal you want to express with your jewelry and your style.

A-Hjort's huge selection of silver jewelry

At A-Hjort, we have always been able to offer the most beautiful jewelries from Pernille Corydon, Maanesten and Enamel Copenhagen - in both silver and gold-plated variants, and you will almost always be able to find your favorite jewelry in silver here.

Are you on the gold or the silver side? 

People often talk about being either a "silver- or gold girl", but I hope that the definition will change in the future, so that you can mix and match your jewelry in both colours and use jewelry as accessories that complete your outfit.
As an example, I think silver jewelry is so beautiful for a completely black outfit and gold jewelry is so beautiful for white clothes. With patterned and floral looks, silver can make it more casual while on the other hand, gold jewelry can make it more festive and elegant.

Are you mostly into silver or gold plated? Feel free to make your comment here on the blog - and also feel free to make suggestions for which silver jewelry variants you would like to see here on the blog and at our A-Hjort Instagram profile.
Have a great day ❤️
// Anne